Solving Challenges of App Development by Configure.IT

Solving Challenges of App Development by Configure.IT

App Development is an exclusive skill today, and to be able to deliver meaningful experiences with a robust mobile solution, it requires one to gain expertise in multiple technologies. Acquiring a new skill or learning new programming language is a rare event in any developer’s life. We want to change this landscape by offering easy to operate processes with smart set of tools - that expedites the development as well as has very flat learning curve" - says Configure.IT’s founder Ram Chhawchharia.

Recently - the Cyber Crime division of Ahmedabad City Police, where CB’s in-house technical team developed a mobile app using Configure.IT platform, to empower Crime Investigating Officers in getting the Subscriber Detail Record instantly via the app. Dilip Thakor, a constable at Detection of Crime Branch (DCB), Ahmedabad who had earlier written the PINAC software in Visual Basic to enable the city police to keep a computerized record of crimes and criminals - developed a mobile app using Configure.IT only within a month, to empower Crime Investigating offers in getting instant information about Subscriber Detail Record (SDR) - enabling officers to smoothly, swiftly & skillfully get to the roots of any investigation & thereby facilitate them to track and trap the Criminals as most of the crimes/ criminal activities, directly or indirectly, invariably involve the use of phones in executing the Criminal Operation.

There are many such stories that Configure.IT has been able to witness - having launched back in 2014 in beta. "Being in the industry for just little less than a couple of decades - we know the trauma with which the development teams go through. With hundreds of independent tools out there, it only makes matters worse for developers with long tail selection process of finding the right set of tools that plays well with each other for faster development. At Configure.IT - that’s exactly what we want to change, by providing tight integration between front-end and back-end tools for Rapid Development - such that it requires minimal skills to operate and virtually no infrastructure costs." says Jigar Panchal, Director or Marketing.

Having acquired more than 7500 users since public launch in Q4 2015, this bootstrapped startup is gradually spreading its wings wider by adding more advance tools and integrations for making development a piece of cake.

The platform just announced some of their biggest releases last week, with 100% Swift based iOS Apps, Hosting Service, Parse Migration, New Help Center, a flurry of functional prototypes of the popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, AirBNB and TED, all developed using Configure.IT - and many others releases as outlined on their website. 

With their recently announced revision in pricing - they’re really eying to capitalize the "low-hanging fruits" and wants virtually any semi-technical person be able to make apps with their platform - including the large pool of developers, students and ISVs, to start making apps for as low as $10 per month. The founders claim that this is a very affordable price one can pay to join the bandwagon of "Appconomy". They also started to offer hosting service - that helps anyone to make apps on their platform and host the data on their servers to be able to release apps to the market places like App Store and Google Play.

One of the main USPs as claimed by the founders - is the ability to download the Native Source Code of the entire App (iOS and Android) and Backend (LAMP) that is as simple as someone has written by hand. This makes the platform extremely open and flexible and receptive for even anyone to go beyond Configure.IT - in the end saving a lot of time and most importantly, capitalizing on opportunities.

So far, there are at least 100 apps released on app stores and more than 500 backend live systems produced by the platform and they’re only getting started. This is certainly the promising start for the Platform emerging from the Indian soil, to compete with the established players from Silicon Valley.

About Configure.IT

Configure.IT is a cross-platform App Development platform that empowers developing 100% native, customizable and extendible apps and backend, without writing code. The solution provides infrastructure free solution for developers, startups and enterprises, to build mobile solutions that doesn’t require great skills, experience and technology expertise.

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