Reskilling India with IoT & digital technologies

Reskilling India with IoT & digital technologies

Problem Faced by Million Engineers

IT is going through a big transformation globally. It is a big challenge for India as well as software services forms a sizable chunk of our exports. In addition, we are a predominantly an engineering youth country where more than a million engineers graduate every year. Digital technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Automation and Robotics are going to wipe off a lot of traditional engineering jobs.

How we Solving the Problem

Our start up is focused on creating an awareness of the changing technology landscape and bring workshops and courses that can be taken to educational institutes and corporatesThese courses will provide the foundation knowledge and skills for students and professionals to embark on the upcoming digital journey.

Core Strength - Our Team

IoT Workshops consists of a team drawn from a mix of academic and industry background, thus providing the right mix of content and delivery methodology. The content is well researched and hands-on sessions well planned to ensure that participants go away with a feeling of having learnt the tools that will enable them to kick-start their digital careers.

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