A brand new way to Plan your wedding - Milaanj.com

A brand new way to Plan your wedding - Milaanj.com

Not long ago in December 2015, when Deepak Meena was looking for a wedding photographer for his friend’s wedding he found it hectic. It was 14th of December and the "saaya was tight!" Most photographers were alrady booked for the day. There were existing wedding vendor’s catalogues but the process of calling each vendor personally and asking for hr e details was tiring.

Longing to be a CTO in his own start-up someday, he discussed his problem with his friend Akshat Singhal. More into creativity and management and an enthusiast for a lean start-up, he grabbed the idea and since then they began to burn their midnight oils solving the problem.

 They made Milaanj.com 

Milaanj.com is an online wedding planning service. It serves an online tool which gives users first-hand experience and real choices while planning their wedding. Take a break from the stress of wedding planning by spreading laughter among your loved ones. We are here to manage all the hassles for making your wedding a memorable event of your life. We bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to your wedding planning, event planning and management, which is merged with traditional wedding culture and etiquette.

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