Making Special occasions more surprising is our passion - BYESurprises

Making Special occasions more surprising is our passion - BYESurprises

Surprises are one of those little joys of life. Once in a while surprises to our loved one's keep the magic alive in relationships. This is what I believe in and started BYE Surprises. Surprising people on their special occasions is what we do.

Welcome to the world of surprises!!!

 BYE means Beyond Your Expectations. We turn gift delivery into small celebration. People happiness is our driving factor.

How it Started:

It all started when my friend from abroad approached me to surprise his fiancee on her birthday. That day I felt I was the reason behind these people happiness. I started thinking about the people who are away from their families and friends. What if he/she wanted to celebrate their parents anniversaries, birthday's?

    - How about lovers? What is they wanted to surprise them on their proposal day?That is when BYE surprises was born. I thought of creating a platform where we can connect all the people who are away from their loved one's.

What keeps us driving:

Imagine it's your birthday and you are expecting friends/calls in the midnight,  to your surprise no one turned up. But then, you hear door knock and when you open the door, you see BYE team with your friend on Video call and make your birthday most happening!!! The feeling that you are experiencing now is our driving force.

As of today, we have done 74 events in a span of 9 months. We are based out of Hyderabad and expanding to other locations. We also started designing and making handmade customized gifts for our customers based on their special occasions, we are getting a good response from them. Planning to add more gifting ideas and give our customers a wide range of options.

How BYE works:

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