LetsLogin: Unlocking opportunities

LetsLogin: Unlocking opportunities

Entrepreneurial Journey of LetsLogin

When it Get Started

My first venture started off during our college days (in 2012) with a friend and co-founder Mohd. Irfan. It became pretty successful within a period of 6 months. Jobline was one of the first event staffing agency in the industry, which was about to launch its official platform.

However, it didn’t turn the way it was planned and a promising business had to stop due to unavoidable circumstances.  HEART-WRECKING IT WAS!!!

Learnt from our Mistakes

After the college got over, I took up my corporate job with EY, however, the urge to do something of my own was not settling. This made me start again, so after a lot of brain storming and market study, we launched the online marketplace LetsLogin.

A platform for event jobs, internships & live projects, Freelance projects and startup jobs.

Meet the Team

The team now comprised of Mohd. Irfan, co-founder  and Nishant Varshney, CTO. With the new enthusiastic team and a better and technologically advanced product, LetsLogin, was able to  tie-up with a good number of clients in the market. And, we are optimistic that we will do even better in the coming future. 

Passion for Sufi Music

Throughout, all these years, I had another venture operational, which is the Hindi-Sufi Rock band— Panchi, the free souls

Trust me running a band is no less than running a startup.

Started with my childhood friend, Amit Bisht, the band is lucky to have witnessed many beautiful stages.

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