Became a renowned video marketing company within 5 months - Codexite

Became a renowned video marketing company within 5 months - Codexite

There were no plan,there were no drawings and also there were no sketches about a start of a company. Just two friends who were aged about to 17 or 18 at that moment thinking about their future.

One of them was aspiring to be the next future Ratan Tata & another was too passionate about his work, so he just tried to take the quality of his work to some another level & there was no future of a company could be drawn.

Abruptly an idea got a masterstroke to those little brains and they were about to accelerate on their idea but God was not with them so idea could not get shaped and it was in black pot. But 2014 was the lucky year for them.after a lot of drama and misunderstanding they got accumulated again and they tried to pull their company.

Somehow Laxmi Devi was not with them. So throughout the year they got only one project and the company was going to shut. But they didn't loose the hope for the actual execution they were trying to get through with lot's of companies but nobody was accepting them. Eventually they were trying to recall with their 100% power and passion.

Suddenly like a masterstroke of DHONI they got a client at 2015 October and from there,their success journey got accelerated.

Success journey Afterwards

Since Feb 2016, their clients increased from 1 to 89 & still counting. Their roots get spread from Bangalore to Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmadabad. Even they got platformed to USA,Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Media & Blog Coverage

For the first time they have came into media Times of StartupThey got revealed in someone's blog. Eventually their revenue got generated on a high ratio. And they even got elected by the Ministry of agriculture of India for their work.

These all took place in last 5 months.

Guys who made it possible

Now let's introduce with these two brilliant person who have shown nothing is impossible. Let's make a big applaud to Mr.Abhranil Neogy who is heading the CEO post of the company. And another one co founder who is also heading the big post of this company Creative Director. Let's take the opportunity to make a vow for him and he is Creative director and co founder Jit Ghosh.

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