Jaipur Startup Spreading Smiles - SurpriseSomeone

Jaipur Startup Spreading Smiles - SurpriseSomeone

Hey, while you are reading this line you have won 1000 dollars! Whoa! Isn’t it a big surprise. The heart might will just stop for a moment. A price of 1000 dollars, that to instantly! How wonderful is that?

By the way I was just kidding, but the feeling that you got within was real. Yes, we all feel happy and amazing when we get an unexpected gift or prize.

It is not about how big or small surprise you get. The feeling of being surprised is just awesome and the joy that you get is huge.

Notice how an unexpected bouquet of flower delivery brings you more joy than buying the flowers yourself? Or how chocolates received as a gift taste better? This is because being surprised activates the pleasure centers in our brain and gives us a nice shot of dopamine, which makes experiences more enjoyable.

When we are surprised, we Smile..we say WOW...we feel delighted...

Joy- How it is Generated?

Let’s say you see a friend of yours who you haven’t met in a long time. This means that neuronal signals travel from the cortex of your brain to the brainstem (the oldest part of our brains). From there, the cranial muscle carries the signal further towards the smiling muscles in your face.

And yet, that’s only where it starts. Once the smiling muscles in our face contract, there is a positive feedback loop that now goes back to the brain and reinforces our feeling of joy.

My Small Business Idea!

I, Pinky Maheshwari, always wanted to do something creative, inspiring and positive. The idea of creating something tangible and spreading smiles was endearing. And thus came about Surprise Someone. We believe small things can make a big difference, add value to your life and bring smiles on loved one's faces. 

With us, it's not money which can buy u gifts but your and our combined efforts. One needs to put in extra effort to think how to make someone smile..and that's where Surprise Someone comes in. Creative ideas and awesome craftsmanship giving you the perfect gift for your loved ones. It's all handmade and heartfelt.  

It is not so much about selling products but about creating that unique gift for the customer. These products give a contemporary twist to traditional gifting ideas. They add the chic vibe to gifts that are conventional.

We try and add Indian art in our products. The idea is to add fun to traditional aesthetics and modern nuance to ethnic gifts. Working in the fast-paced world of digital, these gifts are definitely unique as they are handmade. They have a mix of modern and classic. Some iconic ideas have been a contemporary twist and each gift tells a story. 

We are giving an opportunity to India's finest artist who have not been given chance yet to come out and showcase their beautiful talent. Before others, we love to see smiles on the faces of our artists and their family. The minute I go and brief them about a new concept and ask them to make multiple pieces, I can see the joy in them for getting started and putting their creative energies to good use. There are few artist whose entire family is into this.

 When was the last time you got a compliment and if you recall I'm sure it had the same effect as if you had read some cash reward. Everyone likes to be appreciated but in this humdrum of life, we are somehow forgetting to do this even if we want to do that...Imagine we feel awesome when someone compliments or appreciates...now imagine someone else feeling the same just because of you...smiling just because of you...feeling special just because of you...because of your few little kind words...

The Energies and Positivity in Life  

I am a firm believer of Pranic Healing, where the prana can heal the body by contributing to the person's energy field. I strongly believe in energies and aura. Everything you think and does creates energy. If we as a team have positive energies, we build a larger aura around us. We tend to make a product with double the positive energy and when it's bought by people it spreads positivity and happiness. 

It's rightly said "your energies follow your thoughts", so if we do things with positivity and in a happy mood, we will tend to spread happiness in multiplication. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. That's the basis of our business. 

When you are happy, your radiate positive energies, joy, and euphoria. It's like happiness is contagious. And when building a product for our customers, from the first step of conception to the actual production of the gift, there is a lot of positive energy going in from multiple people and we believe that the customer when buying will feel this positive aura. And in turn spread it to the near and dear ones. It's like a cycle of joy. By spreading positive energy we are trying to boost happiness around you and within you. With these gifts, we are trying to send positive energy in a discreet but surprisingly efficient way. Positive energy will make a lot of positive changes in your life. 

A Business with No MONEY Making Moto

Surprise someone is not working to earn profits or money. We  believe that if we are genuine and do genuine great work, money will automatically get credited in our account. So we never run after money and slowly we are realising that money is running after us.One interesting thing to note is we have zero bad debts and zero debtors even if we give or sell bulk orders on credit or with 50% advance. Our clients automatically pay us without even single follow-ups. We do the same with our artists/ craftsmen and other team members.

Surprise Someone has a website offering an array of wonderful and unique artefacts. Each piece has a lot of thought behind it and that's what makes it the perfect gift for your special someone. The variety ranges from customised cake box, love gifts, surprise box, handmade lamps, love frames, musical themed gift, wish box, multi-utility folding box, Tic Tac Toe etc. It's sure to bring the glee, the joy of getting something so thoughtful and different. It will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your loved ones because after all what more does anyone want from life than knowing that someone cares enough for you to keep you in their thoughts and to show you that by buying unique and thoughtful gifts.

 Pierre Cornielle said, " The manner of giving is worth more than the gift". This is the thought Surprise Someone has behind each customised artefact. Keeping in mind the customer's desire of going out of their way to their loved one, Surprise Someone team puts a lot of thought into getting it right for you.


 #surprisesomeone is my baby, my passion. After spending 10 good years in corporate world, with the world's largest ad agency and couple of years with telecom, one of the most important person entered my life, and that’s when I decided to say goodbye to full-time job and be with my lifeline, my baby boy UDIT and that's when this mommy converted her passion into profession and decided to be an Entrepreneur and  #surprisesomeone. Since it was all about surprises and surprising all the lovely ones out there, we thought what better name can we give it than SURPRISE SOMEONE.

 But SURPRISE SOMEONE would never have been what it is today without my family support, my strength my Hubby and cooperative and supportive in-laws. Having such a beautiful family with a positive PAT on your back always is God’s blessing. My father-in-law and mother-in-law has always treated me like their own daughter and always believed in me and encouraged me at every step saying “ go ahead and do it..you can do it” that means a lot to me. I and My Mother –SHARDA Daga started last year with almost zero investment. She has been and is a great inspiration for me to do new things and do it differently. She has brought me up me by doing small things for me but in a very very very special manner. 

Initially like every first step it was childlike and was very very difficult for me as business requires all kinds of skills in a person and not just passion till the time you build up your own team. In the beginning, I only had my passion, creativity and a belief that "I can and I will". Slowly and gradually we developed that business acumen with my mother and that’s when SURPRISE SOMEONE saw its light.

#surprisesomeone believes that money cannot buy you everything. These days we have forgotten to show our gratitude to people, people who do even their tiniest bit for us.Words like "thank you", "sorry" have lost its existence, be it with parents, your beloved, your doctor, your teachers and anyone else who does anything in our life. What we forget is that even a small thing can make someone feel special... #surprisesomeone is that small effort in that direction.

My mother and I, perfect duo as we call us, we travel all across and locate and grab the creative minds and get their creative muse running and with their help we present beauty that is then produced in the world. We have clearly divided our roles. while I take care of the ideas, execution of plans  and being the front face of the market and my  mother Sharda travels across and finds out the talent in our deep roots and utilize them in best possible way and helps them give a voice and we have a good team of craftsmen and artisans working for #Suprisesomeone. I wouldn’t say it was an easy road but as they say "it happens, all you need is to wish it"

We help HIV positive kids and underprivileged kids by training them to make handmade paper bags which in turn helps them generate their own livelihood. Not only this, we keep surprising them and in return when they give us that beautiful contented SMILE, it is just priceless.

But that’s not it. #surprisesomeone starts thinking after everyone stops. We are very soon starting in flight surprises where you can surprise your dear ones in the air and not just in the air but while you watch movies and on top of it also while you dine in by making personalized menu cards. And since #surprisesomeone believes in keeping its team happy and delighted, we keep showing our team our gratitude and love by surprising them every now and then and why shouldn't we? Isn’t it what we actually live for?

#surprisesomeone is a hub of talent. The start of #surprisesomeone with a zero was a difficult road and we managed a few things on our own and got orders of surprises from our friends and family. We started paying that money to these artisans and today we have enough to rotate the money and keep the show running. And with the good blessings of my parents, we are getting overwhelming responses not only from teenagers but all the age groups. Now whenever people want to make someone feel special they remember SURPRISE SOMEONE.

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