How a small town became an entrepreneur accidentally - Toohfaa

How a small town became an entrepreneur accidentally - Toohfaa

I am a 23 years old guy, a graduate from a Mumbai University. Here i m going to share how accidentally i became an entrepreneur and it changed my life from zero to Hero. This is how it all started... I am living in Umbergaon since my birth. Umbergaon is a very small village situated at the south west border of Gujarat. Many people here are fishermen as it is a coastal area.  Coming to my family we all come from a non-business background. My father used to work in textile mill.

So we never had any idea about any kind of business. When i was in 12th i went to a wholesale market and i observed how people from far away cities purchase goods from those markets at a low price and sell it at their shop with a good margin. I was too excited to visit market again. I went their again and again continuously for next TEN days.

Yes because i was too passionate about it. I used to approach wholesalers as a shop owner and get the price of various goods and compare their price with local market. I was completely set to start a business very soon. I started my business with just 500 Rs. I use to purchase small accessories like memory cards, Earphones, wrist watches, electronic gadgets, etc and sell them among my friends.

Soon i started distributing products to various shoppers. Along with business I never compromised with my studies. Successfully i completed my graduation. Just after completing my studies I have collected enough budget to start my very own Coaching Classes. I was very good in teaching too which i realized in my college days while teaching my juniors.

I and my elder brother gave our hard effort to make a quality education centre with a very low fees in a Umbergaon. Within a year we acquired 320 students at my classes. Soon we got popular everywhere. But that was not enough for me. I always observed people showing their interest in Online shopping. But the problem was there was many times they were cheated in product quality. I started an online e-commerce website, which is basically based on selling unique gift items that to with a comparatively low price. And my venture journey is not completed here. Still my inner soul wants to achieve more success and bigger heights.  All i learnt from my journey is no work is small.

You can start your career anytime and anywhere. People are filled with misconceptions. I never dreamt of going in big cities to start my career. You can do a lot from a small town if you have that passion of doing something big. Entrepreneurship never based on your qualification, age, gender, experience, capital, etc. If you want to succeed start working today with what you have. 

Effort Never Fails.

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