A Marketplace for Home Like Meals, Tiffin Services & Dabba's A Marketplace for Home Like Meals, Tiffin Services & Dabba's

FoodAbhi as you must be knowing by now is the best bet for Daily meals in Mumbai as it is India’s 1st Marketplace for Daily meal better known as Dabba/Tiffins in Mumbai & Pune.

FoodAbhi was born out of a need. Now you would say what is new about it. Well if you see there are 2 kinds of needs - Aspirational (most of us may need an Apple - fruit as well as the White good)and Need arising out of a gap in market (Most of sustainable successful companies tap the gap in market).

FoodAbhi’s story starts when my son, now 3 years young was born. My wife wanted to take a break from daily chores and rightly so; I moved onto eating out during the daytime. Lunches started to happen at a nearby joint which was nice mid level restaurant and offered decent deal for the price. But as it so happens with all good things that after a while monotony set in. Not many complaints in the food quality but I didn’t like the same food anymore and needed a change. That is the time when my friends introduced me to the wonderful world of Daily meals or better known Tiffins/Dabbas in Mumbai.

I started subscribing from the nearby Tiffins provider. Good hygienically cooked, nutritious and tasty food served on time was awesome experience and good move from dependency from restaurants. The nearby Tiffin guy became a good friend and I could understand how the meal was cooked fresh every day and the toil he took in getting it delivered, collect Cash and run his business all at once not to forget getting customers and making friends with them. I tried to find some more Food partners in area to mix things up and realized that I had to either Google it out or try one of the local search engines which gave generic info like Name and numbers but no rating, Offer, Negotiated rates. Some more study revealed the real potential of this sector and gap due to limelight of traditional and funded players.

I found the Unorganized humble giant of Daily meal business was loosing ground in front of more organized players.

Being a Hotel management graduate this gap immediately caught my attention and became my free time inquisition and latter full time obsession. I realized that there are customers who need Daily meals in sub 3 $ price range and there is no way for them to  know what is available as good option in their own locality. Me and Shraddha (My Love and Partner in life) thought of giving it a try and trying to create value for customers with aggregation. That was the formation of

Happy Food Ordering 

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