Dish based food ordering platform - Dailycacy

Dish based food ordering platform - Dailycacy

Yell, Food! And all ears perk up. ‘I want to eat something good’ is everyone’s dilemma and the zillion options available both on the road and online, makes ordering food a tough choice.

Food Ordering Made Easy

The team at Dailycacy took this dilemma to heart and worked out an easy to use app that aims to put you at ease and lets you focus on enjoying your food.

Solving Food Ordering Problems

The online marketplace for Food ordering is a mess - too many choices at one, not enough choices at the other; inconsistent quality here to haphazard delivery services there and misleading reviews to add to the confusion. In the random Hit & Trail method of ordering food, there’s always a 50-50 chance of being disappointed. 

And on cue comes Dailycacy

Unlike the other conventional food ordering platforms, Dailycacy is a dish based food ordering platform which partners with specific quality-efficient restaurants featuring its best dishes. These dishes are curated & selected by a panel of food experts, thus, reducing the hassles of browsing through pages of scanned and often outdated menus.

How does it work?

When it comes to food, the lesser complications the better; just give us food already!

Download the APP – Type in your desired dish – get a curated list of the best restaurants providing this dish around you – tap – click – order – your food is on its way!


There, as simple as it gets. Now for the technical part of what goes into getting your food to you.

A Strong Team

The team comprises of Praveen Parihar, the CEO whose brainchild got on board with Nitin Kanteerava as the CTO, together working on the larger aspects of putting the system into place. While the core team members, Siddharth Iyer and Avinash Panwar handle day to day operations.

What works in a team like this is the single-minded focus on creating the best product.

You can often find, when everyone agrees on an idea, there will always be one of them who plays the devil’s advocate. This is great because it helps identify the kinks in the product, says Girish Valecha, marketing consultant for Dailycacy.

Features that matter

  1. Showcases best dishes viz. Iconic, Exclusive, Unique and Value for Money
  2. Powerful curation of the dishes by the Food Connoisseur Panel consisting of Foodies, Food Bloggers and Ex Chefs from Famous Hotel chains
  3. Both the Food Delivery and Food Pickup option available
  4. Dish based search instead of Restaurant based search
  5. Any dish whose taste and quality will be affected after a certain distance will not be delivered post that distance

Dailycacy is reinventing food ordering; Download the App to experience how! App is now available for download on PlayStore. To get updates on the launch and exciting contests and offers, follow us on our Facebook page.

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