Automated Luggage Carrier Robot which reduces Human effort

Automated Luggage Carrier Robot which reduces Human effort

It is basically an automated human follower robot which follows it's user automatically.It basically consists of both software and hardware part.Coming to software it usually consists of App.The app consists of two modes.They are: 1.Manual  and 2.Automatic. Coming to hardware  it usually consists of MCU and actuators.

Coming to its working, just open the ALC app in your smart phone then switch to automatic mode afterwards press the button "FOLLOW ME" in the automatic console.That's it!!The luggage/trolley automatically starts following you.

We are targeting the 31 Billiomn dollar luggage market which is expected to grow about 19.2% in China and 3.2% in US.

If this product comes into the market it will bring revolution in consumer robotics platform which is expected to grow about 33 Billion dollars in the next few years.

Coming to the social issue, According to the 2011 census of India approximately 2.6 crore are physically handicapped and disabled in movement so we can employ this method over there which can improve their lifestyle.

Phase 1 :

Variant 1 - Smartphone controlled suitcase

Variant 2 - Smartphone controlled trolley

Phase 2 :

Variant 1 - Smartphone controlled wheelchair (or) Automated wheelchair (Hospital Application)  and Baby stroller

Variant 2 - Smartphone controlled suitcase/trolley with GPS tracking

Phase 3 :

Variant 1 - Smart watch controlled suitcase/trolley.I think it would be successful since it is a smart watch era!!

Variant 2 - Smart key chain controlled trolley/suitcase. I myself search for the bike/car keys so many times , it frustrates me even sometimes.We can avoid this by integrating buzzer in key chain.

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