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Mariellen Ward | Digital storyteller and publisher of Breathedreamgo

Mariellen Ward is a professional digital storyteller and content marketer. She has a BA in Journalism, a background in public relations and marketing, has been published in leading media outlets around the world, and runs the award-winning travel site Breathedreamgo.com.

Breathedreamgo is inspired by Mariellen’s extensive travels in India. The site covers Canada and other destinations as well, with a focus on responsible travel, wildlife tourism, authentic cultural experiences, and female solo travel. Breathedreamgo has been featured on many lists of top blogs and in leading publications such as USA Today, India Today, The Times of India, Canadian Living, Vogue India, and many others.

Though Canadian by birth, Mariellen considers India to be her "soul culture.” She started travel blogging in 2005 and splits her time between India and Canada.

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