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SEOToolAdda Review 2021 - Features, Pricing & Promo Code


by Rahul Gupta 1473 views

SEOToolAdda Review 2021 - Features, Pricing & Promo Code

In today’s modern technological age of the internet, businesses have shifted online, bloggers have gained momentum, and a lot of content is posted on the net. Unsurprisingly, a need for SEO Tools arrived as well with this age.

SEO Tools optimize the content on your website, page, blog, etc. to ensure that they rank higher on search engine results. This increases their visibility and increases the traffic and clicks on your website/page.

But due to their convenience and utility, SEO Tools are incredibly expensive. The free SEO Tools are worth as good as nothing since they offer very limited features and ask you to pay for the premium version within the first few uses.

Isn’t there any way to get these incredible SEO Tools at affordable prices?

Yes, there is!

SEOToolAdda is what you’re looking for!

We will give a comprehensive review of SEOToolAdda in this article. Please keep reading to know more.

What is SEOToolAdda?

SEOToolAdda is a place where you can buy individual SEO Tools at unbelievably cheap prices. There is also the option to buy a combo package and use a multitude of over 20+ top SEO Tools to optimize your website/page.

Basically, you can either buy individual SEO Tools or a combined package of tools from their website. These SEO Tools will be available for purchase at extremely low rates. You can instantly access these tools after purchase and get right into optimizing your content for better visibility on search engines!

It’s as simple as that!

Here is a link to their website for your perusal.

NOTE: Be careful of fraudulent websites. The only genuine website for SEOToolAdda has a “.com” domain. Here is a screenshot of their website home page:

SEOToolAdda - Deals and Prices

We mentioned that you can buy top SEO Tools at incredibly low prices. So let’s have a look at the different tools available for purchase and how much they cost:

1. Individual Tools:

The customer has an option between purchasing individual tools or a combo package. The individual tools start at an unbelievable price of ₹149/month and go up to a maximum of ₹299/month.

You will be able to immediately start working with these tools once you purchase them. These tools usually cost thousands of rupees, but with SEOToolAdda, you can get them for less than even a tenth of their price.

Here is a full list of all the individual SEO tools you can purchase with their prices:

2. Combo Package:

As we mentioned earlier, you can either buy individual tools or a combined package. We recommend that you get the combined package since it will give you access to all 20 of the available SEO tools plus 11 testing tools for a slightly higher price of ₹599/month.

Here are all the tools you would get if you purchase the combo package:

In addition to the SEO tools, 11 testing tools are also offered:

Note that these testing tools are only accessible if you purchase the combo package. These are not available with individual purchases.

Benefits of SEOToolAdda

SEOToolAdda is a fantastic site for buying SEO tools at affordable prices. But cutting down the prices is not the only thing it does:

1. Savings!

The biggest benefit of buying from SEOToolAdda is definitely the savings. SEO tools that would otherwise cost thousands of rupees are available for purchase at meager rates.

2. Really Reliable

Apart from a few technical glitches here and there, the tools work perfectly fine with a run-time of at least 99%. It is safe to say that SEOToolAdda is reliable and consistent with its service.

3. Stellar Customer Support

SEOToolAdda has a very good customer support service. You can expect to get replies from customer support within the hour in case you run into any difficulties. Your problem will be sorted diligently.

You can also use Facebook messenger to contact them, allowing for greater convenience.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

In case you are not happy with your purchase, SEOToolAdda will refund your money within 3 days of the transaction - no questions asked.

5. Immediate Access and Privacy

Once you make your purchase from SEOToolAdda, you can immediately start working. The site also values its customers’ privacy and thus guarantees utmost protection.

6. Affiliate Program

SEOToolAdda also gives its customers a chance to make money. By signing up for the Affiliate Program, you get a commission every time someone buys a plan through your referral. It is a great opportunity and benefits all parties involved.

Check their website for complete information.

How to buy from SEOToolAdda

The process for buying an SEO tool from SEOToolAdda is incredibly simple.

STEP 1: Sign up from the home page

First and foremost, you need an account before you can access the tools on SEOToolAdda. From the home page of their website, click on sign-up.

Once you enter in your email ID or click on Sign Up, the following screen will appear:

STEP 2: Complete the form

You need to enter your valid credentials and click on Signup. Once you Signup, it will ask you to verify your account.

STEP 3: Verify Account

You need to open up your registered email and find the one from SEOToolAdda. It will ask you to click on a given link to verify your account. Click on it.

STEP 4: Log in again

All you need to do is log into your account, and you’re done. You will be directed to the dashboard where you can sign up for the affiliate program, check out the plans, and find other information about the site.


Having the right SEO Tools will take your website/page far. But the internet is flooded with SEO tools. SEOToolAdda provides only the best SEO tools at unbelievably low prices.

Apart from the amazing deals, consistent support, and reliability, affiliate programs, etc., SEOToolAdda is a fantastic place for purchasing high-quality SEO tools at low rates.

We highly recommend checking it out. Overall, it is a yes from us

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