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Jawa Radio: An Online Indian Radio Station Directory


by Rahul Gupta 1006 views

Jawa Radio: An Online Indian Radio Station Directory

If you are a crazy radio listener and haven't visited yet then you have missed something. Jawa Radio is an Online Radio Station Directory that lists India's most Music Radio Stations of different Indian languages. The collections of music radio stations range from Radio Stations broadcasting in India Regional Level and National Level and the one for the Indian Communities based in different locations around the globe, making available many genres of music and non-stop entertainment to you.

The team Jawa Radio is also engaged in research on Indian music and it documents them in its blogs. The research goes on to highlight the facts and untold stories on the Indian music industry (commercial and non-commercial) by gathering information through various documented data, interviews, and other sources which are then archived in the form of blogs. There is a high chance of finding your favorite singer, musician, or song being blogged with facts and untold stories, never miss them.

Jawa Radio has the aim of giving out abundant knowledge on the Indian music industry to visitors and listeners. This directly is solely dedicated to Indian music. is also for Indian music lovers who love to dwell in retro and old music. It gives a sense of nostalgia to its listeners when they hear these songs. also focuses on modern-day music while analyzing its effect on the industry and the listeners. Which forms an archive for coming generations to enjoy.

Jawa Radio Stations

While most radio stations have a lot of commercial content, there are not many online radio stations that have much to give. You can fully trust Jawa Radio to serve you with radio stations suiting your mood of songs in so many expressive languages. At the present, Jawa Radio has around 10 radio station categories with 250 radio stations in total in different Indian languages for its listeners.

These are the categories of Radio Station Channels listed on the website. Each of them has a list of radio stations under them. Click on them to find more.

All India Radio

International Hindi

Malayalam Radio

Marathi Radio


Retro Hindi

Radio City

South Radios

Bhakti Radio

Punjabi Radio

If you own a radio station, you can submit a request to enlist your station in Jawa Radio through the Submit Radio Station link and fill up the details. Give the required information about the radio station as asked in the form. This request link is available on the homepage. Jawa Radio will help you to grow your listeners by reaching out to their existing listeners and also adding a new audience for your radio station.

To wrap this up Jawa Radio as an Online Radio Station is an amazing website to visit, goggle "Jawa Radio" especially if old Hindi songs are love for you. The section Retro Hindi on our collection is for you. It has an archive of radio stations which you can switch them as per your mood to listen to the best of Old Hindi Songs. Amazing isn't it? also, International Hindi sections, which feature the Radio Stations dedicated to the Indian Communities around the globe. One can be in India and feel the presence in Huston, London, Aukland, etc., through the radio stations in that category. This means that wherever you are, you can listen to your favorite moments on anytime with a stable internet connection and stay connected to music and Jawaradio.

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