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Should I remove Tags for getting Indexed by Google?

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Rahul Kumar

23 days ago

My site google search result is flooded with tags and categories. Should I remove them from indexing. If yes, then how it affect my ranking?

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Rahul Gupta

19 days ago

Hi Rahul,

Yes you should remove your tags not categories. The reason is tags increases with posts or categories or posts.

So if you let tags in your sitemap or submit to google console, then your site first page search might show few tags which is not useful to get you rank on page 1 of google for a certain keyword.

So its better remove them. Request reindex in google console. Wait for few days. 

Good Luck.

Rahul Kumar

16 days ago     |    Owner of 2 Blog(s): Envy Tech Blog    My Android Phone   

Hey Rahul, thanks for your answer. I am actually worried about the same you mentioned.  All my tags are shoing in google search. 



Rahul Gupta

15 days ago

Yes i know. I have checked your website in incognito google search. Most results are from tags.

Remove them, reindex them and let actual pages indexed on page 1


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