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Review my Blog - Topperslist

Review My Blog

Kartikeya Gupta

18 days ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): ToppersList   

Hello reader, please review my blog topperslist.
Its nearly 45 days old, around 15+ articles and alexa rank dropped from 9million to 4.4million in a weeks time.
Please review and let me know what could be done to get more orgainc traffic to it.


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Rahul Gupta

18 days ago

Hey i have gone thorugh your blog. The theme is very good, clear navigation.

Articles are also good. Work more on interlinking. Work hard this way, surely you will improve your alexa ranking

One suggestion: The name of your blog seems more a education blog instead of a multi niche. If you can write or make it an educational niche blog and work hard on it, it might get you better results.

Good luck 

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