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Review my blog - ssk-life.blogspot.com

Review My Blog

Rahul Gupta

1 month ago


I have gone through your blog. Articles are short but well written but i think you need to work a lot on your template/theme. Too many different colors. Also its scrolling too much.

Would be great if you have a slider with 1-2 posts and then 8-10 posts on main page then pagination. Also internally a nice post view and its missing related posts after post completion. 

Missing internal backlinks as well. Very difficult to find related posts.

Hope it helps. Good Luck

Shreya Sk

1 month ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Its All About Us   

Thank you for the suggestions sir.

Rahul Gupta

1 month ago

One more thing i just noticed. Yout blog post Title are not well keyword optimized as well as it contain mostly your website title all places.

Its best if you can have 30-50 words good title and then your site name. Give this a try or check other blog posts title. This will surely help you in long run


Ajit Wayne

9 days ago

Hey shreya, 

           You know what, u are going to be a great writer soon. How can I say that right? Bcz I checked ur blog posts and made time to read about u as well. The vision u have, actually that will make you a great writer soon. U need to improve n learn. I think this review can make ur day. It's short n cute. Bt required to do adequate length so that it can be called as a blog otherwise I can say it baby blogs in better words. Bt baby need to grow. In fact ur personal description is longer than ur baby blogs. Simple rule for better reach, is better content. Focus on it. 

Best of luck.

Ajit Wayne...

Shreya Sk

6 days ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): Its All About Us   

Thank you for the suggestions Ajit. I will surely work on it.

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