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Vimal Bhatia

14 days ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): TRAVEL THROUGH INDIA   

Please review my blog, which is 4 months old and has about 19 entries. Blog name is Travel Through India and link is https://gowithvimal.blogspot.com

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Rahul Gupta

14 days ago

Hi Vimal,

 Gone through your blog. Though the content is good, there are few things i would like to highlight in order to make it a good blog if you serious about blogging.

  1. Switch to either wordpress hosting or self hosting. So you can have a good theme and layout. Existing one is endless scroll with lame design/layout.
  2. Posts links not properly formatted and neither links are. Should headings be in H2 or H3 and content in p tag, it will look more clean and appealing.
  3. There is not much interlinking of posts inside an article. Focus on linking to other articles else your site bounce rate will be high
  4. Pitch newsletter subscription, related posts and a good commenting system on each single post page for more user engagement.

So overall even your content is good, the overall presentation is not that appealing. Hope it helps you build a good blog. 


Vimal Bhatia

13 days ago     |    Owner of 1 Blog(s): TRAVEL THROUGH INDIA   

Thank you Rahul. I will surely take action on your suggestions.



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