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Digitalsumit | Digital Marketer, Travel & LifeStyle Blogger

DigitalSumit.com - Blog by Sumit Sharma which focusses on Digital Marketing Updates & Insights, Travel Stories, Event Reviews & Trending Stories. My name is Sumit Sharma and I'm Part time blogger and Full time Online Marketer. Loves Travelling, Social Media, SEO, Google Adwords Specialist & Cricket Enthusiast .

This blog is about all things to do with Digital Marketing Insights & Updates, Events I Attend and Reviews of Places I visit.

Started my Digital marketing career in 2014, with (Fab.Digital) one of the best digital marketing agency of Delhi/NCR region, where I have worked with excellent clientele including Top B.Schools & Best E-commerce portals.

I have learned so much from company as well as from the CEO.

As a digital marketer, I’ve assisted many startups in their Digital Marketing Strategy including SEO, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing.

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