5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Actively Promote Your Brand

Sameer Gudhate

Jan 25th, 2017

Entrepreneurs are fanatical with their creation. They time and again set out new goals for themselves and then make sure that those are achieved.

In the start-up arena, there are some doctrine principles which are responsible for the overall success. Entrepreneurs today understand the value of their brand. Entrepreneurs are perusing something called as branding strategy, which till now was completely neglected. Companies today are spending with deep pockets on marketing, advertising, public relations and more.

The best way to promote your brand is to let your customers do it for you - and the only way to do that is by addressing the pain points of the customer by giving them a practical solution to their pain points. Once this is done by anyone, the customer will go on his rooftop and do nothing but will shout your name. 

Here are some ways to let your customer climb the rooftop:

1. Differentiate your brand:

Anyone and everyone want his or her brand to be different and stand out. Brands say that they want to be different and distinctive in the eyes of their customers, but in reality, the brands just want to align themselves with their competition. To differentiate from others, the enterprise can depict themselves as an enterprise away from its competition or rival.

Over a period of time, if the same continues combined with disciplined efforts, the brand can be marked different. Standing out from the competition is not making them enemies. But, with persistence, the consumer can make out the difference noticeable.

2. Focus on loyalty:

A customer or a consumer telling about you to someone is in the Last leg of his experience. It starts with brand familiarity coupled with loyalty. The sky-scraping cost of bringing in fresh business compared to retaining existing clients is unquestionable. Increasing the customer retention can extensively heighten the profit bar.

Customer loyalty schemes are an effective way to improve your customer retention levels. If you want to build a loyal clientele – the trick is simple, keep the customer satisfied. Apart from that, the customer needs to be rewarded. A loyalty scheme can be used to incentive's and delight the customers.

3. Create a community:

Having a customer community built offers the customers a hub to interact and support one another. Customer communities are platforms for customers to unreservedly exchange opinion, reactions and pose questions about products and services.

A highly busy customer community helps to improve customer retention and encourage acts of advocating. These customer community acts as a news source about products and company and a place to gather tips from the users. Customer communities also breed ideas to improve products or services. Giving the customers a say on a product or service gives them a deeper connection with the company. These days the community can be online. This increases preservation rate and overall profitability.

4. Incorporate feedback's:

Getting and generating feedback from clients is the most important thing for a business builder. It helps the company at all levels of brand building and management.  It helps in knowing the existing position of the business in the market and also helps in the future prospects of the business.

Feedback helps clients and entrepreneurs to communicate with each other. Most of the feedback is to draw the data about the sales, performance, drawbacks about products and services. Owing to thriving technology and internet, the importance of feedback has been highly soared. Internet has become the principal instrument for promoting business and branding. It plays a pivotal role in reaching to the mass and endorsing products beyond the international boundaries.

5. Make it easy to be an evangelist:

Consumers have a hell lot of things to do. The last thing they would do is to be an evangelist. Even if they become, they won’t go out of their way to evangelize or promote your brand. So it has to be an easy task for them to do it.

The easiest way to promote evangelist is to give as many as opportunities. The same can be done with contests, discussion opportunities on social media channel of the brand.  The participant has to be rewarded in some or the other way.

These tips are not the only way to make the customers work for you. But these tips will equip your start up with starting the community of brand evangelists. Also it is important to understand that every customer you make cannot be your brand evangelist.

However, with efforts in the right direction, a community of brand evangelists is certainly to make a huge difference and would be certainly effective on the profitability.