4 Useful Tips Before Quitting Your Boring 9 to 5 Job

Rahul Gupta

May 26th, 2016

Quitting a job and starting an own venture is a big step. Before you put your paper down in your company it is essential to check if you are ready to lift the responsibility of a start-up.  

We often get a suggestion that if you want to start you company then go for it. This is a suggestion from heart. Yes, the idea of your start-up might get boomed in the present scenario. Also, it is always better to launch is first then rather being late in the market. However, moving in a right direction is truly correct then just moving fast.

Thus, for everyone who wants to quit the job and go for their own start-up, here are few points which you should keep in mind.

1.Save Money:

Yes, the moment you decide that you want to be a businessman in near future, the first thing you should do is to save money. When you finally quit your job there should be enough money left in your account so that you and your family will survive for next one year. 

2. Quit Gracefully:

The future is not in your hand. If in case the start-up does not lift up then you have to come back to the same industry you currently belong to. So, make a good reputation while leaving so that you can make a respectful comeback. 

3. Take Partners:

Stand alone looks nice but it is hard to continue. Look for two kinds of partner, one who just wants to invest money and second who will dedicated work with you on the start-up project. 

4. Create Network:

If your start-up is somehow related to your job in terms of technology or process then start creating network while you are on the job. Make a personal relationship with your office clients, decision makers in the company and investors before you quit the job. This will help you to build the clientele or investors for your start-up in future.

So, follow these points while quitting your job and your journey of entrepreneurship will be more secure and happy.