4 Strategic Ways for a Successful Startup - Starting a Business In India

Rahul Gupta

Apr 26th, 2016

The strategic thinking is often defined as a combination of creative and provocative dialogue among people to create the development of unique opportunities for the organization.

For an entrepreneur, the strategic thinking or ‘out of the box’ thinking is really important as the it is the root of creativity. Don’t be just Logical use Your Faculties:

It is common to think logical all the time to ensure the best possible result from a work or investment. But logical thinking doesn't work well all the time. For an entrepreneur, there should be something more than just left brain impulses to create a new opportunity.

Just follow the below 4 points to get the out of the box and strategic thinking:

1. Sensing:

It is essential to sense the situation and people properly. You have to consider details, experience, present and facts altogether and make sense out of it.

2. Think on Data:

This includes the mental manipulation of information. It consists of engagement in problem-solving, formation of new concepts and making decisions based on the data available with you

3. Intuition:

All though not much people choose to be depend on the intuition. But it is essential to have an intuition with an orientation to the future.

4. Feeling:

You can’t be just profit making machine if you want to run a start-up. You have to be sensitive and emotional to some extent. Feel the people and create the personal values to make people involved in your work.

So, just focus on these 4 points and have a strategic thinking to grow your start-up and run it in a systematic way.