The Social Strategy: A Five-Step Process For Social Media Marketing

Rahul Gupta

Mar 07th, 2017

Understanding the power of words, & the social media, you know what you need to market yourself.

There will never be the best place other than social media to spread about your brand through word of mouth as always accepted as best technique of marketing. With the increasing engagement among the people over social media platforms, social media has become sure shot to reach your audience and brand yourself among them.

Social media has surely become a great way to promote your business and ideas, your opinions and your capabilities. But, do we all succeed in promoting such actions? Unfortunately, the answer is that most of us do but the majority don’t.

Many of us don’t know the strategies and techniques to lead the success path. As we all know that the future belongs to the listener. So for a successful social platform, listening is the first step towards the goal.

With more than 600 million Facebook users, more than 25 billion Tweets a year, and two billion daily video views on YouTube, the marketing strategy has changed. We are not communicating on a healthy basis as the way we should do. There are nowadays many listening and tracking websites which help you to find your customer’s preferences, attitudes, behaviors as well as of your competition. This is the best opportunity a marketer can get for a social media success. Benefits of listening

  • Review/confirm your brand positioning.
  • Understand your customer and what your competition is doing.
  • Identify their favorite Social Media Forums.
  • Help develop your objective and strategy in real time.

A successful social media strategy means getting closer to your customers, fulfilling their commands, having a positive and a healthy interaction and then promoting your business according to the needs of the customers. 


Social media is constantly evolving and can be hard to predict what's coming next. Having a solid social media strategy will help you navigate towards business goals through the ever-changing social landscape. 


The first and the foremost thing is to decide what topic or idea to start with. The very first step to creating a successful social media strategy is understanding what your end goal is. It’s important to be realistic and set challenging yet achievable goals. There are many ways through which we can set our end goals and implementing that oh so great idea.

One can increase the overall traffic to your website by 50% or more every year. There is also an option of driving 40% more engagement every year along with increasing the traffic. The other way round can be increasing revenue from social media by 20% every year. With definitive goals in mind, you can then align everything you do to towards achieving them.


You have framed the idea and the content and you have your goals clearly defined. Now to achieve them it is important to identify your target audience on whom you will be implementing them. There are few different ways to identify your target audience. If you have a high customer base, creating demographic personas based on their needs can be very helpful.

It helps you to decide whether you want to keep that customer base or bring a change in that. It helps you to classify the content idea according to the customer base. But don’t worry if you don’t have a large customer base. Here social media comes to the rescue.

Many social platforms offer demographic information which helps you to identify your target audience.

1. Google Analytics:

Google analytics offers some awesome tools that give you a detailed demographic persona including the details of location, interests and even behaviors of the visitors visiting your website. This can help you to get you the desired audience.

2.Facebook insights:

Facebook has always been a mastermind in the field of data. It gives a wealth of information about the users visiting your page or people engaging with your content and also provide options for promoting your business at very reasonable rates. 

3.Twitter analytics:

Accessing Twitter analytics can provide you very useful information like demographic and lifestyle data on the people following your twitter account. Twitter can be useful if your target audience is active on twitter.

4.Instagram Analytics:

This is relatively a new set of data which will allow you to check out the demographics, content consumption and location of your target audience. 

Identifying a target audience has always proven to be great in building a successful social media platform. So this step is a must:


 There are mainly 4 ways to create a diverse content strategy:


People are always in a hurry and want more content for a limited period of time. Writing a blog transfers information quickly and easily. If you write a blog and a considerable amount of people read that regularly, you are already ahead of the game. 


90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is through visuals and visuals are processed faster than text. So a great strategy is to create compelling visuals that win the audience’s attention. You need not be an expert graphic designer, many sites help you to create images that are fun to do and looks attractive. 


Videos can be a convincing way to upgrade your business and creating a diverse content strategy. People nowadays look more forward to videos for ideas and inspirations. Videos are a great and easy way to capturing of a video is as simple as capturing a photograph.


Radio, televisions, and podcasts are a great source of creating a successful content strategy. 


Nowadays, it is social media only where people are always engaged. So reach a targeted audience and making social media a success, it is important to plan a strategically intelligent budget for advertising. When used wisely, social advertising can be the most cost-effective way of a successful social media platform.


Did you know that it's estimated that people check their phones an average of 150x per day? People are so addicted to their mobile phones that a recent survey showed that 68% of people perceive vibrations when their phone isn’t actually getting a notification - people are literally imagining their phone vibrating because their brain constantly expects it.People consider their mobile phones handier than laptops and desktops. So isn’t going the mobile way more helpful in building a successful social media platform? 


Budget creation and then strategically putting it at right place is the most important thing in the marketing world. In advertising world, the advertising budget is technically the combination of budget for sales and marketing together. But investing in advertising is not an expenditure but an investment for the growth of the business.

One can decide for the right allocation of budget for advertising by reviewing the sale percentage and lead point behind them, what all can be afforder within that budget, where you can reach maximum of your target audience, research about best mediums to chose from, & sometimes the guess/risk games are the ways with which one can allocate the budget and go towards the profits.


While social media is entertaining and educating but also it runs and progresses at a very high speed. These steps seem to be easy but need to be maintained daily or weekly to match the growing pace and meet the audience's needs and demands. If these steps are consistently implemented, it will improve your brand image on a consistent basis and you will surely arrive on a path that leads to social media success.