A Pre Eminent story of Courage and Relinquishment - Dipa Karmakar, Rio Olympics 2016

Sameer Gudhate

Aug 10th, 2016

It’s only once in a span of 4 years, the entire Indians club together and then watch the entire team of Indian sports persons play in various games in Olympics. During the time of Olympics all of a sudden all sports become important for us. Shooting, Wrestling, Hockey and Boxing are all of a sudden watched and discussed. Many players not known are suddenly watched with all the interest and discussed with more than anything. Pre and post, it’s back to normal and only Cricket which is watched and discussed about. 

And as mentioned above, the most discussed sport in India today is Gymnastics. The very atypical Indian sport is all of a sudden gained attention is because an Indian gymnast who is the first Indian gymnast to qualify for the Olympics in 52 years. On top of it she has managed to become the first Indian woman to qualify for gymnastics finals at the Rio Olympics 2016. Unfortunately, for many of the Indians she was not at all known till the time she made it in the finals. Her life story is all about sheer determination and grit. Standing at just 4 feet 11 inches, the 23-year-old, pocket-sized gymnast is a powerhouse dynamo. 

All of a sudden, the media is making their way to a pretty smaller city in India: Agartala, home to Indian sensation Dipa Karmakar. 

Who is Dipa and what is her story?

Born on August 9th 1993 in a poor household in Agartala, Tripura (sadly many of the Indians don’t even know where it is) always feared heights. At a tender age of 5 she started her coaching. The coach she started with still remains to coach her. The first thing her coach, Biswaswar Nandi noticed was that she was flat feeted. A flat can affect the springs in the jumps and landing for a gymnast. If caught early, flat feet can be fixed by increasing the curve of the feet. As a small girl she worked hard with her coach to get the right curve in her feet which is helping her today wind laurels.  

She started shining with her set curved feet from 2007 from Junior Nationals. She won 77 medals to her credit of which 67 are gold. All of them are from state, national and international championships. This includes a bronze at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and at the Hiroshima Asian Championships.

The Produnova vault all of a sudden because of her is again famous. The Produnova vault is  extremely dangerous manoeuvre performed by just 3 women before her. It is also known as the handspring double front vault.  The gymnast must race down the track, take off from the vault with just their arm strength, coil the body into a circle and perform two head over heels spins and last but not the least land perfectly on the ground. If not landed well it may lead to spinal injuries. This small sized gymnast with a lion heart mastered it and made it as her launch pad for the finals. One wrong move and she could have died on the spot. Taking risks which she loves to the core has only made it possible for her to master it. Simone Biles, American World champion says that she is not trying the Produnova Vault to die. 

For the flawless Produnova vault, she has practiced the Produnova 1000 times in the past 3 months. She has a very strict diet which adhers to her strict regimen. Training for more than 8 hours a day, she has not had her sweets in years. Her rest comes only in form of a Sunday sleep which she takes till 9 am.  She believes just in herself and her coach and does not even bother about the lack of facilities or help from the Sports Ministry. Dipa still feels the strictness in her coach’s regime and at times cry for it. But then she also knows that her coach is strict for her good and betterment. 

Might be for her, the task is just half done. With her rigorously training on the beams, uneven bars and on the floor, an Olympic medal is certainly not far away. All her fellow countrymen are just waiting for her final vault on August 14, on which they would be having another opportunity to smile, dance and celebrate apart from the Independence Day. 

With the burden of the entire Indian population on her able shoulders, we all at www.skillinfinity.com pray for Dipa to brings home more glory and continues to remain the pride of our nation.

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