Office Gardens Promote Healthier Environments, Improved Morale, & Increased Productivity


Feb 10th, 2017

Office gardens… what could be more green then that? There's no need to wait until retirement for you or your employees to enjoy gardening.

You can garden right from your office, on the rooftop or in the front yard if you have the space available.

Companies are going green in increasing numbers both outdoors and in the office itself. They are recognizing the advantage to converting a small amount of office space into a natural oasis with greenery and artfully crafted landscaping. It not only captures visitors' attention, it also keeps the workplace environment fresh. Corporate gardens are a hot trend right now!

Promoting the green culture in your workplace is not the only reason to begin an office garden. There are just so many benefits of having a garden where office employees have access to it that it just makes sense. Here are just a few to inspire you to begin a garden in your office.

Gardening builds teamwork. They naturally rejuvenate optimism in people. The greenery inspires our brains to relax, enabling us to focus more easily on the task at hand. Problem solving is enhanced through healthy brain activity as we engage in gardening during our spare time. This allows us to focus better on any pressing issues we face at work. Difficult tasks will become less stressful, and employees will work better together to overcome obstacles that they face at work.

A little manageable exercise or meditation in the garden space will help release endorphins, which are nature's stress busting hormones. You don't need to try to find time for yoga after work when it can be done during your breaks right there in the office. Your employees are more likely to remain longer with your company if they have a means to relieve stress throughout the day. Build a quite space with some nice greenery, an area to site and perhaps even something like this from Outdoor Fountain Pros.

You'll be producing healthy, edible treats that your employees can enjoy during breaks. Plant some fragrant flowers, and you'll produce a soothing ambiance in the office that will promote positivity and calmness. The fruit and vegetables that are grown in the office garden also make outstanding gift packs to give to clients at meetings and seminars. They'll love hearing how the produce that they'll be enjoying were grown as a labor of love by the office employees. 

Office gardens inspire feelings of satisfaction and wellness. The feel and aroma of natural soil and fresh air in the office space creates calmness. It promotes a harmonious work environment with a sound culture, high moral values, and increased productivity. Employees work together in the garden, improving loyalty and camaraderie. A healthier environment helps to ensure a low level of absenteeism and it reduces your turnover rate. 

Corporate gardens are a cost effective strategy to providing employees with the health benefits of clean air. Overall wellbeing is hugely affected by the environment, and by taking advantage of the benefits that gardens have to offer, employees can enjoy an aesthetically appealing environment free of air pollution. 

Consider starting a corporate garden in your office. It'll increase positive energy and motivation for employees and employer alike. It'll create a welcoming environment in the office that will encourage your employees to look forward to reporting to work each morning. Increased productivity, improved employee morale… what more could you ask for?