I Hate my Job, Who Do You Believe is Responsible?

Rahul Gupta

Jan 26th, 2017

As an Entrepreneur, I travel a lot. I have to attend the conferences where I can find new investors to pitching my idea.

Then I do attend a lot of speaking events which motivates me to go ahead on my journey of entrepreneurship. As usual, I was going back from an event when I met an “airplane friend”. He was an IT geek working in a multinational company and came back from onsite a couple of months ago.

He started with a sentence that, “It is cool in abroad, you can choose your own career”. I replied, “In India too it can happen”. He laughed and said,” What are you talking about? Since childhood, all I heard was to get educated. And after education about getting a job in a multinational company and have a stable income.

Where is the choice of a career in it?” I asked, “By educating you, your parent did a wrong thing?” He replied, “Not like that, they provided the education which I don’t like”. So, I asked again “What you wanted to be?” He was quite confused and finally replied, “I wanted to do something more exciting, like writing or singing or acting”.

I smiled and said, “Then try it now! Who is stopping you?” He said, “Nah, it is not a right time now. I am habituated with what I am doing right now.” So, I calmly replied, “Then stop blaming your parents or your country for the job which you are doing out of habit”. I saw a surprising realization in his eyes. 

We often do this in our life. We blame others for the dissatisfaction in our life. We are open to except the success but put the failure on others shoulder. When it is related to the work that you do here are some points which you should keep in mind. 

You want to make changes in your career then there is nothing like any “good time”. Go for it when you feel you should do it. 

President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “If you want total security, go to prison. They're you are fed, clothed and given medical care. The only thing lacking...is freedom.” So, don’t ever choose security over freedom.

Always think beyond survival. Yes, you can survive and earn money. Don’t think hard about it. Think about the happiness and satisfaction. Because the aim of your life is to thrive not just survive. 

Keeping things in mind and still continue the existing job like a robot will not help you. It will only create more stress in your life. 

So, every time you get a thought in your mind that my life is not fun anymore. Make sure you find the reason behind the lost fun. Your job, your life and your happiness are totally depending on the choices that you make. You are the hero of your life and hero always wins by beating up the situation villain.

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