How To Start A Coconut Water Production Business


May 22nd, 2017

Coconut juice or coconut water is the liquid inside coconuts. It is a popular drink in Asia, Brazilian coast, Caribbean, India, Pacific Islands, and South East Asia consumed fresh, bottled or canned.

The numerous health benefits of consuming coconut juice have gained significant notability over the past few years, and this has led to a high demand for this natural product. Coconut water is high in potassium and contains other minerals that have seen it been marketed as a natural energy drink. The liquid is also known for its low levels of calories, carbohydrates, and fat.

Research on coconut juice has found that it has elements that make its composition similar to that of the human plasma present in the blood. As such, coconut water can be used to treated dehydrated patients.

With a clear picture of the reasons behind the popularity of coconut water, we can look at how and what it takes to start a coconut juice production business. It might be you reside in a place where the juice has a high demand, or you think it is a brilliant idea to make and export the juice to other parts of the world. This coconut water marketing report suggests a lot of potential. Well, if you have ideas that are along such lines then here are procedures worth following. Starting A Coconut Water Production Company

Below is a sample business plan template

1. Learn More About The Business:

A company destined to success falls in the pits of failure sooner than expected when little research is done before and during its conception. Start by researching the relevant information associated with starting and running the business before you take a plunge.

Visit any coconut juice production companies in your area and have a talk with the manager or owner. Make your interests in the coconut water production business be known as you ask for informative pointers. You just might get some handy tips on how to start and be successful.

You might not find such a company is your location and that might probably be why you are keen on starting such a business. So, the other suitable option for sourcing the information you need would be the internet. Get online, do your research and find the relevant information your need.

2. Craft Your Business Plan:

Write up a solid business plan based on the findings of your research. The plan should give clear details of the nature of your business, name, objectives, startup capital, operations' costs, target markets, market analysis, and marketing strategies among many other things.

The business plan should be your guide, taking you through every stage of the startup and well into the running of the company after launching. Moreover, use it as to cushion you from mistakes as well as to have a good idea of where to get the startup capital you need, such as from lenders, friends or investors.

3. Register Your Business:

Visit the appropriate local agencies or agency charged with the registration of business and find out the requirements and what's involved in registering your coconut water production company.  Make sure you follow all the directives to the letter.

While at it, make sure you obtain of the relevant permits and licenses for your business; these may vary from country to country. Get the information you need for this from the designated agencies.

The other documents you need to have include those for tax and insurance. A wise move would be to seek the services of a seasoned business consultant or lawyer to help you with such paperwork. You might have to spend some extra buck on such professional advice or service, but it will help you avoid certain problems in the future. 

4. Find A Good Location:

Once you receive the nod from the government, you can start looking for an ideal location for your coconut juice production business. It should be a location with the necessary resources and amenities such as water and electricity. It should also be a close to the source of your raw material (coconuts) and in a secure area. Well, the close to a coconut farm, the better.

5. Buy And Install Equipment:

The next step, after finding the perfect location, will be to purchase the equipment you need to run your company. An important item in the equipment you need is a coconut juice extractor. It is a nifty machine that you can buy locally or import from manufacturers that make the best extractors and at affordable prices. You might want to consider importing from China.

Avoid skimping on quality when buying the equipment; you need for your coconut water production business. The expenditure will be well worth every cent since you will be saving on repair and maintenance costs that are unavoidable and a long-term necessity. Look for to brands with quality machines at affordable prices; you can also consider getting used equipment. Remember to have the used equipment tested to ensure they are working before you buy.

6. Find Reliable Suppliers:

Your business model will be manufacturing; therefore, you will have to find reliable suppliers to bring you the raw materials you need the coconuts. Visit the local coconut farmers and strike deals that will favor both parties and put the agreements in paper. The many suppliers you have the higher the assurance of a consistent supply of the coconuts needed.