How to impact Investors with a Unique pitch & Business Card

Rahul Gupta

Dec 14th, 2016

Every Startup Idea is meant to come up with a unique solution or a concept trying to solve a problem in particular segment. To initiate a Startup company you go through this basic steps.

  • Come up with an Idea
  • Making a Prototype 
  • Raise Capital by finding right people to invest in your Idea.

So the focus of this article is on the third aspect. Raise Capital by finding right people to invest in your Idea

Mostly any investor might have usually heard of many ideas and he must have already spent enough time in understanding that it's not the idea but to check the people behind it and see if they are capable enough to execute what they project. When we pitch the idea to the investor, no matter how unique the idea is an investor will always point out some other startups which are trying to solve the same problem in similar way. Though we might have some different approach or strategy to solve it but we hold back to reveal it due to these basic factors.

You are not sure if the strategy is great or silly, hence would not like to discuss it at present but reveal later after understanding the market better. What if the investor smartly applies the revealed strategy in other startups he have invested.

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To believe in us we need to somehow prove the investor that we have a unique strategy and leave with an awe factor that we are unto something and capable enough to make the projected things happen. Now here lies the tough part, now at such initial stage we do not have enough capital to take the concept to next level hence you basically land up only revealing the basic idea of the startup and show some projections of growth and how their investment will make it achieve.

Now after you are done you leave the investor with things :

  1. The idea which stays in his mind.
  2. Your business card which gives a Physical recall value.

An investor usually discusses about your idea with people only if some aspect of it has provoked him. The more your ideas is discussed the more is the buzz created among the investors about your startup idea thus leading  the opportunity to raise more capital from right people. 

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Even if you have given a great  presentation to investor which stays in his mind it should also be equally enhanced with a Unique card which resonates how concerned you are in considering every aspect to have a different approach, hence your presentation and your unique card leaves a great recall value to him which he would love to share about with his colleagues.

Hence make sure to invest in your identity and keep your physical point of contact element unique to create the buzz. Here are some companies which could help you in crafting Unique Business cards:

Wowcards - India