Find The Best Wedding Photographers with CamYogi


Mar 16th, 2017

The $ 12 billion dollar Indian wedding industry has seen a plethora of startups in recent years. Joining the ranks is the new photography platform CamYogi.

It promises to helps would be brides and grooms to find the best photographers in their respective cities.

The Indian wedding industry has seen some notable startup in the past few years, all eager to cash in on the big fat Indian weddings. Some of them are very well funded by venture capital funds and ranges from match making to the honeymoon travel. 

While most of the successful startups fall into the match making segment, there are others who are trying their luck on different aspects of marriage, such as booking wedding venues, catering services, makeup artists etc. 

With smart phone penetration reaching over 30% in 2017, and set to reach up to 40% by 2019 many of the big name venture funds are also betting on their pick, as most of the prominent VC funds in India has at least one wedding related startup on their books.

Most of these startups are trying to solve a problem for the users, so what problem is CamYogi solving?

CamYogi Claims to make it easier for the users to search for a photographer in their city not just for a wedding but any occasion. CamYogi would show you the top photographers who are available on the day of your occasion. It removes a lot of work from the users end, as the user won’t have to contact each photographer to know if they are free on the date of the wedding or any other occasion.

But the most important thing CamYogi claims to do is to show you exactly how much a photographer would charge you, and what exactly you get in return. From digital copies of the photograph, to photo editing and photo album. You get to know in details what you are going to receive from the photographer after the ceremony is over. It also informs you how long the photographer would take to deliver an album. Users can also see the full portfolio of the photographers and shortlist the one’s the like.

What makes CamYogi differ from other listing website?

But how does CamYogi differ from other listing website, and classified websites where people usually go to a photographer you ask. Most websites where you see find photographers work as just a listing website, you get to see the name of the photographer or just the name of the studio you are dealing with and a phone number, maybe the pricing sometimes but that’s just a price to draw you in and not the actual price.

Whereas, CamYogi would show you the photographers who are available on the day of your occasion, you can see the person who would do the photography and not just the studio.

You can see their previous work and experience of the photographer which is a better indication of what you can expect from them.

More over you have the transparency of finding out what kind of equipment would they use and if the photographer would edit your images and what kind of album would you receive from the photographer. All of which is covered by the pricing you would see on CamYogi without any unwanted surprises at the end when the bill comes.