5 Entrepreneurial Learning’s from the movie Sultan 2016

Sameer Gudhate

Jul 16th, 2016

Eid, as usual was special for moviegoers, and specifically for Salman fans. For them it’s like Eid has become an annual event.

And this year it was Sultan, Salman in the lead role with Anushka Sharma as his co – star. Salman Khan, the superstar has yet again managed to grab a hit to his collar. He has again proved that he is a Superstar. Sultan is a sports biographical drama based on an Indian wrestler named Sultan Ali Khan. The plot revolves around the struggle of the wrestler’s individual life and the spotlight on the bond between Sultan and his son.

Sultan is a story about how he uses his anger, ferocity and strength to become one of the most applauded wrestlers of the country which later rifts apart his personal family life.

Sultan, a blockbuster now is not only entertaining but also full of inspiration to be drawn. It certainly has many life lessons:

1. Never judge a person too prematurely:

When Aakash sees or we can say meets Sultan for the first time, he certainly feels that Sultan can never make come back as a wrestler all over again. But, then when he with his own eyes sees the strength of Sultan while pulling out a tractor from a pit single handled, he is certain on the strength Sultan has. 

2. When you feel internally something is right, do it immediately:

Sultan’s grandmother is a learned lady. She has seen life closely and learned out of it. Her advice to Sultan is that if he feels something is worth doing, just do it. There has to be no delay from our side in doing it. Failure is something we need not worry about. Learning is possible only if we do something. 

3. Life has to have Sadness and Insults:

A wounded lion is more dangerous. Sadness and Insults leave a deep mark on our lives. In the movie Sultan faces such situations twice. But in those two situations Sultan manages to turn the negativity energies into the positive ones which helped him in his future life. The negative energies go away only by positive experiences. The transformation of this energy into something positive/productive is of utmost importance.

4. The hardest battle in life is against self:

It’s a hard life for all of us. We are fighting a battle continuously with some or the other. But, of the entire real tough is the one against self. This is because we battle the restraining viewpoints and the artificial ideas that we were programmed with. We fight an inner battle that consists of shedding away layers and layers of programming that is holding us back. That is the toughest part in life. 

5. Never, ever ever ever ever give up:

Sultan’s life takes a tragic turn and he decides to stop wrestling for the entire life. He starts to live a dull life as he is born to wrestle. But, when life forces him to start all over again into wrestling, he works hard to get fit to play again, exhibits positive attitude and takes his game to the same level at which he has been once. It is important to accept failure as it comes and learn out of it. Ups and downs are bound to come, but losing hope is not the solution to it.

Salman Khan who plays a rugged son-of-the-soil wrestler with perfection who takes on himself many blows has also inspired with this movie. These 170 minutes actually shows the victory over the struggles by coming out of the comfort zones and inspires to the core which any entrepreneur requires at any given time.