The Day I decided to Quit my Job - Starting up a business in India

Rahul Gupta

Jan 26th, 2017

I hate Monday! This is how my week used to start. The 30 minutes cab journey to the office always felt like 2-3 hours of travel.

By the time I reached office I am no more the energetic guy. I always was being known as the most energetic person in my group. Since my schooling and over to my college days I was the face of active kid and youth. 

Then what happened now? I was so confused about what I actually hate. Is the office environment? Do I hate my boss or my colleague? Or I don’t like my work? What is it which makes we feel worst when I entire the office gate every day. 

It was such a big question! But it was clear that I have to answer these questions to detect the problem. I was just tired of dragging myself to the office every single day. Finally, I decided to reach to the root of the issue. On a fine Sunday morning, I just sat down and started writing on a piece of paper the incidents that I loved while working in the office.

The list included the excitement of submission of the first project to the client, the appreciation function on my promotion, the e-mails and speeches of my boss while granting me yearly hike and the pat on my back which my colleague pass on at the end of a successful project. So, basically, my office, boss, colleague or my work was not an issue for me. I was actually working in the ideal environment and should feel lucky to have such job. Then what had made my office life hell? 

Then I decided to note down the things which I hate while working the office. And I got the answer to my query. The reason behind the struggle was the “routine work”. Yes, I hate to do just routine work. I am a creative person and the job is not allowing me to spread my wings.  The problem was solved and I released that if I want to be satisfied with what I do for a living I have to go for a creative option. The money or stability in the regular job is not giving me the satisfaction required to continue the task. All I need is a free space where I can try something new. 

Finally, I decided to quit my job! And yes it was a life changing decision for me. Welcome, a way of courage, satisfaction, and happiness in your life. Give yourself a chance and spread your wings to search your own sky.