Co-working spaces – A boon for Startups in India

Mayank Thanvi

Dec 16th, 2016

Co-working as a concept is soon catching pace in India. With new start-ups being launched every day, there is a crunch of space and finances and Co-working takes care of a major chunk of their initial hurdles of having a cheap office space and saving money.

Co-working is a style of working in which basically entrepreneurs operating different ventures share the same office space. Earlier it was considered adequate if you just had a physical presence and no online presence whatsoever but now, the tables have changed and it’s the other way around. Now, having an online image and presence is considered much more important than having a physical presence.

In India, the concept is fairly new but globally it has existed since 2005 when Brad Neuberg, a software engineer from San Francisco inaugurated the first communal work space.  There are a variety of options available to the Indian entrepreneurs to choose from.

These include Coworkindia, Jaaga, SutraHR Co-working, Moonlighting and 91Springbroad to name a few.

An online portal CoWorkable is perfect online source for India where you can find, rent or list shared office spaces, Coworking Spaces, Hacker Spaces or Skills for Startups, Individuals, Freelancers, Home Offices and Small & Medium Businesses.

Currently, 91Springboard is providing a space for co-working in Delhi at Rs. 549 a day. They have designed different packages to suit different needs. For example, they have a Resident package at Rs. 10999 per month under which they provide various facilities like unlimited 24×7 desk time with high speed Wi-Fi internet, phone, printing, access to conference rooms and HR and admin support to name a few. They have a Full time package at Rs.7499 which has its own features and perks and a part time package at Rs.4499 under which they provide only 12 working days of desk time.

Last year, Nasscom’s 10,000 startups in partnership with the Karnataka government launched 100 seater co-working space Christened Start-up Warehouse in Bangalore.  Co-working has come as a great boon for young entrepreneurs. They can pay an affordable rent per desk and don’t have to give up equity. These spaces also provide a sense and environment of community where entrepreneurs can share knowledge and help each other.

Many of these spaces also provide exposure to these new entrants by holding workshops and hosting networking events. Some co-working spaces also make available to its users admin, HR, accounting and legal support.

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