An Interesting story of Idea Validation - Business validation testing

Rahul Gupta

Jun 06th, 2016

Every start-up founder has one question in the mind, ‘will the Idea works?’ Before you even go for the development and implementation of the idea it is essential to check on to Validate the idea. 

People carry out a lot of discussion with the potential customers to validate the idea. However, there are some innovative ways to validate your business idea. 

This is a story of Kathy Crifasi, owner of Hipzbag about the validation of the product. Kathy has found a unique day to day problem which we face while carrying out important things every day. The things like accessories or money or mobile phone. If you are wearing a jeans pant the pocket will be full of all these things. 

Some ladies carry a big bag with them which is difficult to carry and generally, they are unable to locate their mobile phone in it. This why it takes a time to your mother to answer your phone, as she keeps searching it in the handbag. 

So, Kathy came up with a functional accessory which can be worn over the waist. To check if this product has any future or not, Kathy and her mother actually were wearing the Hipzbag for the six months. While hanging out anywhere they use to carry this

around the waist. Soon they got stopped by the people making an inquiry about Hipzbag and from where they got this product. So, Kathy becomes sure that

Hipzbag is going to be a big hit among the customers.

She presented it to QVC and it got accepted by the QVC buyer in 2010. This was a unique way to validate the product by actually using it and checking the potential customers in the market. 

The key point is whatever you are going to produce or the service which you are going to provide, just use it once. Your family or close friends can be the first buyer of your product or services. This will help you to get the genuine feedback and validate the idea. 

Share with us the process you followed to Validate your business idea.