Business Tips From Indra Nooyi - CEO of PepsiCo


Jan 08th, 2017

Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi is among the top 50 businesswomen who has taken business and women power to a great height.

She was named the CEO of PepsiCo in 2006. She believes that the world is ever changing in its process and one needs to put their 100% effort into their job or work with their head, heart, and hands.

Here are some business or marketing tips that this influential CEO shares with the world:

  • Born in a well-educated family, she always gave her first priority to education keeping the materialistic possessions aside. From the values gained from her family members, she urges everyone to be always reliable and to dream big. She would say, focus on your current job and not the next. The next will be coming if you will work in the present one harder. 
  • Always have a positive mindset towards everything. If someone did wrong to you, just think why he did so. Consider different points of view and you will be seeing a different world with your eyes.
  • Don’t just stick to a particular point. Have a global perspective of everything you do or intend to do. Look beyond the borders and expand your learning horizons. Explore the things around you and learn.
  • Be aware of what is happening around the world. Having a knowledge of global history will be rewarding you in future. 
  • Consider having conversations with each person involved in your job. Understand and see from their perspectives. This will help you to train the individuals and mold them in a way you want. 
  • Be politically aware but don’t ever try to play politics. This can harm your company’s foundation. Always stay true to yourself and your company.
  • The way you write, interact or speak influence your personality and one who cannot communicate wisely cannot lead an organization. So, take time and invest it in your communication skills.

These success mantras help one set up their business in a great way. Running this difficult race, don’t ever forget to nurture yourself. Have faith and give your best shot in whatever you do. 

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