Best SEO Link building Techniques - Backlinks

Rahul Gupta

Feb 11th, 2017

A consistent stream of very good quality Article Directories links is typically crucial for a powerful SEO.

It is very important to be aware that not all link building plans work, others will even mess up your very own websites ranking and authority. The best web links should be 100 % natural, organic, and also manually created in exchange for high grade work and  content.  These are really the kinds of solutions which will dramatically skyrocket your rankings.

Kinds of Link Building Plans that really don’t ever Work

  • Automated Blog Comments
  • High Pr Private Link Network sites
  • Mass Article Submission Packages

Backlink Building Programs versus Paid Backlinks

It’s generally against the webmaster guidelines of Google to use paid links. Google specifically claims that paying for backlinks so as to increase your website ranking won’t be counted. Anytime you actually pay for a backlink building service, you’re funding SEO specialists to manually outreach to site owners and blog writers, obtaining backlinks for your benefit. Most trustworthy service providers usually don’t need to pay for backlinks, they obtain the backlinks through hard work and consistent effort. They crank out content, and after that they provide the content and material to bloggers in return for a back link.

Paid links are somewhat a high risk task. Whilst a lot of folks believe certain paid back links may still be of help, this is usually incorrect. Google is always trying new techniques to devalue paid links – What may very well work this moment will quite definitely not work as expected shortly after another big algorithm upgrade.

Most backlink building companies will actually outline a list of goals and objectives for you own link building package. For example, they can set the end goal of writing 10 guest postings for your benefit, contacting fifteen blog writers to market and advertise an infographic to go viral, or make a deal for your web site to actually be shown on the current material or content of their own internet site. SEO providers that grab paid back links for your website could actually be damaging the rankings of your very own web site. Ensure that they are really just doing 100% manual, very good quality, contextual linkbuilding.

What Kind of Backlink Building Actually Works well?

  • Direct web site owner outreach, advising site owners all about the actual value of your content or material.
  • Contacting top bloggers, inquiring if perhaps they’ll take in a guest post.
  • Good quality web directory submission (Yahoo, DMOZ, Etc. )
  • Promotion to leading online community blog writers through Twitter And Facebook
  • Infographic creation and syndication and submission
  • Press releases that really gain exposure, allowing for some other webmasters to discover your website
  • Promoting content and material on blogs that the Search Engine Optimization Service has recognized authorship on
  • Viral-like promotions, sweepstakes & giveaways

There are three important things that you need to keep in mind: Purchasing back links does not work, wide syndication and “auto-approve” links usually don’t work, and high-PR link syndication really doesn’t work. The only kinds of links that truly have value are really those backlinks that are given as a result of very good content, promotion and marketing, and direct outreach. Any other type of link building service is probably out-of-date, outsourced and will actually dramatically trim down the actual ranking, trust, and authority of your site. Just before picking a linkbuilding provider, make certain they would explain all of the details of all of their link building practices. Some companies state that “We do Search Engine Optimization Link building” but then do not provide any more further information about specifically how those actual backlinks are acquired, or precisely what sorts of sites those particular web links are located on.

What Makes up a “High Quality” Back link?

  • Contextually positioned, inside content or material.
  • Found on an internet site that is connected to your own website.
  • Posted personally by the webmaster.
  • Found in content which has quality web page visitors & subscribers
  • Sends actual visitors to your very own web page, not just only for SEO purposes.

“High-PR” linkbuilding is not “High Quality” linkbuilding. While PageRank metrics to this day carry some weight, they are not a very good indication of the real value of a back-link. Link schemes as well as link farms are designed to make websites have a really high PR, but Google easily detects that these particular sites online are really low quality.

How do Backlink Building Agencies Handle Anchor Text?

Ever since the Google penguin update, anchor text diversity has become an important factor for white-hat, 100 % natural Search Engine Optimization. Certain backlink building programs arbitrarily build hyperlinks with exactly the same anchor text (usually your main keyword) – However this normally results in a speedy penalty, reducing your present traffic online by 60-80%. Professional linkbuilding providers would diversify your anchor-text and help your rank better and faster.

In conclusion:

Outsourcing your website link building needs is convenient, especially if you have the budget but for people with a limited budget building links the natural way and according to Google terms is a winning strategy