7 useful tips of Writing a Successful Business Plan for Startups

Rahul Gupta

Jan 25th, 2017

Business Plan is a reflection of your entrepreneur goals that you wish to fulfill in the next 3-5 years. Thus you need to be very clear and precise while creating your business plan. 

A business plan is composed of seven important sections:

1. Executive Summary:

This section must appear after the title page and should clear define the goals of the company and what you wish to accomplish as the owner of business.

2. Business Description:

This section starts with a short description of the company and discusses the impact of its products on the various markets that will be covered by your business. 

3. Market Strategies:

You need effective marketing strategies to make your business successful. Thus it is important to analyze your business industry and identify your potential buyers or consumers before starting your business. 

4. Competitive Analysis:

Every business has a lot of competitors and unless you analyze the strengths and weakness of your competitors, it is impossible to achieve success. It also helps you develop competitive strategies for your business that will differentiate you from your competitors.

5. Design and Development Plan:

This section must be able to attract investors and consumers with a detailed description of your products and services. The description would include design, utility, and durability of the products. This is a key section that must reveal your development plans related to the products that your company would be manufacturing.

6. Operations and Management Plan:

This section will focus on the requirements of the company like funds, assets, human resources etc which is a very important part of planning. The company owner would also discuss the roles and responsibilities assigned to the different sections of the company to accomplish the goals. 

7. Financial Factors:

The section must always be attached at the last of the report as per the standard but that does not make it less important. To set up your business, you would always need investments in different areas. Here, you would need to mention the financial projections of your company very clearly.