AAT Qualification - The best pathway for Career Development


Jan 09th, 2017

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is one of the well-recognized qualifications in the UK.

It is the membership body for vocational accountants.  AAT is based in London but has its branches all over the world. It is the best possible start for the people who want to start a career in accounting or finance. Unlike other qualifications, AAT does not require any specific degree or work experience. You just have to be good at calculations, analysis and interpretation. There are now AAT Bookkeeping Courses in London that are delivered in a classroom.

AAT courses help you develop accounting skills. It is a driving force that makes you capable of working in finance and accounts. After studying AAT, you can go to a university, get a job as chartered accountant or work for yourself in your own business. 

Why should you opt for an AAT qualification?

Whether you are a student looking for a jobin the world of finance or are a professional who is thinking to switch career, AAT qualification might be the right career path for you. Among all the accounting courses, AAT course is the one that offers a range of benefits that can’t be ignored.

A globally recognised Finance qualification

It is a fact that people prefer taking courses that can help them follow their career path. The main purpose of the course is to provide individuals with the skills they need to play their role in an organisation. However, many students or professionals resist as they are not sure whether the course they take offers the same benefits as itis expected to offer. AAT course helps in building confidence as it is recognized all over the world. Many renowned organisations have benefited from AAT qualification. Employees have boosted their performance by developing the exceptional skills needed for working in the finance sector. 

Helps you develop Accounting skills

The AAT Qualification has great importance in the financial industry. It helps individuals learn the essential aspects of accounting and finance, thus enabling them to work well in the accounts department of any business.You don’t have to meet a specific eligibility criterion to study the qualification. No matter what degree you have, you can always opt for AAT.

NHS and Procter and Gamble are known for their unrivalled services all across the world. It is beyond doubt that behind their success is the strong and competent workforce. The employers have used AAT qualifications to help their employees develop accounting skills.

Adjustable Bookkeeping courses

Among all the benefits of an AAT course, flexibility is the one that makes it a widely chosen one. Everyone has a different lifestyle, priorities and responsibilities. No matter how busy you are, you can always attend the classes that fit around your schedule. You can study in a classroom setting once in a week. 

Makes you employable

Being an AAT qualified means getting an array of job opportunities. As it is a respectable and recognised qualification, companies prefer selecting candidates who have gained AAT qualification. AAT has around 133,000 members worldwide, this alone makes it a reputable financial institution. Once you are AAT qualified, you are likely to get a job as an accountant in any organisation. 

Financial management is the heart of every business. You can either work as an accountant to help business owners manage their accounts and finance department, or you can start your own business.