Awesome Tips to Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection in Business

Rahul Gupta

Jun 01st, 2016

Whenever you talk to anybody about starting your own business all that you hear is a high chance of failure.

A lot of people prefer a secure life than a life full of struggles. After completion of my graduation, everybody around me was excited about my new job and that I am finally going to earn a living. I belong to a middle-class family and thus, education, as well as economic stability, is what we always seek. The middle class is always afraid of taking a risk and moreover afraid of failure. While growing up in the environment I too was afraid of failure. 

During my graduation days, I was involved in cultural activities. It was fun to arrange events in the college and take care of the behind stage responsibility. While working on this task I realize that I have a potential to run business in event management area. 

Although there was a lot of pressure to get good grades in graduation still I started working with an event management company. I used to assist people in the evening events and attend the college in the morning time. It was too exhausting but yet so exciting. 

I was always happy to go on an event management work and never felt bored even for a moment. By the time I was graduated I was for sure that event management is what I want to do in my life. It was very difficult to disclose this passion at home. 

I was in a dilemma to choose between the job that I got and the passion for working in event management field. But the passion has to win over the economic stability and I decided to speak to my parents about it. 

I explained it to them in just 3 points- 

  1. Economic stability over passion: I made it clear that a stable income will not provide satisfaction to me. A passionate job is what will bring satisfaction to my life. 
  2. An easy way to hardship: Yes, I agree that you see a lot of struggle in the business field. But I am going to do what I love to do. So, the business way is an easy way to me. Moreover doing a job which I don’t like will be an everyday hardship for me
  3. Money and happiness ratio: As they say truly money can’t buy happiness. If I will do something I love to do the happiness will come automatic. 

So, don’t move back because you are afraid of failure. The people’s perspective of failure is a bad economic condition but you can define failure as a lack of happiness in your life. Thus, make a choice towards your happiness and you will win the fear of failure.