9 Good Tips for Selecting a Domain Name


May 30th, 2017

Finding trendy names for a new or established business is a smart thing for owners to do.

As with all else, it helps to have a plan, so here are some tips for acquiring trendy names:

1. Act quickly:

The good news is that most names are relatively inexpensive, but they do sell rather quickly so you should try to buy a name or names as soon as your business idea is formulated.

There’s really no reason to delay this step. Begin narrowing down your search and get a clear idea about the kind of name you want. That way, once you begin shopping for trendy names you’ll be ready to purchase one that is a good fit for your business plan.

2. Safeguard your brand:

Some business owners purchase misspelled variants and various extensions of their domain name to prevent competitors from getting them. When it is affordable and seems to make sense for your particular market, this is a smart way to lock up the relevant names that look or sound like yours.

3. Do your research:

Spend time deciding exactly what kind of a name you want, being careful to write down the specific requirements for the domain names that are a good fit for your company. Sometimes it helps to have a small group of people work on this task as a project. 

4. Be smart about extensions:

Decide early on whether you will be shopping for dot-com, dot-org, dot-net or other extensions, like dot-us, and dot-tv. Sometimes only one or two of the extensions will be available for the name you settle on. Certain sellers of brandable domains will only sell dot-com domain names due to the popularity and demand. 

5. Try to avoid hyphens and numbers:

These usually confuse potential customers and look cluttered. 

6. Find a memorable name:

This tip is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished with time and planning. 

7. Think local:

Consider putting your local city, state or area name in the name. Sometimes this is an effective way to let customers know you are local, if that’s part of your marketing goal. 

8. Think short:

In most cases, when it comes to finding trendy names, or any domain name that works, shorter is better. However, you might find that three-letter domain names are hard to come by, so keep an eye out for any three- and four-letter ones that fit your business goals. 

9. Try to include keywords:

Aim to include one of your company’s or industry’s keywords in a domain name when possible. 

Final Words:

Marketing success is all about customer attraction and retention. Trendy names are an effective way to do both. When consumers are shopping online they often select a seller based on a clever, memorable domain name.

After that, if they’re satisfied, they will tend to stay on as loyal customers if they are able to remember the company’s name. That’s why short, upbeat and trendy names are a vital part of any company’s marketing effort.