7 Reasons why your Start-up needs a Mentor

Sameer Gudhate

Nov 18th, 2016

Many a times, it happens with start-ups is that they get stuck on some or the other point. They are stuck as they themselves as an individual or as team are not able to find answers to their problems.

Here they basically need is someone who can guide them in rough times, do the handholding and be with them. While many or the entrepreneurs I meet in my journey know the advantages of having a mentor, but, there are also a lot many who don’t know why they should have a mentor. Here i would be explaining what is a mentor and the benefits of having one.

What is a mentor exactly?

A mentor is basically someone who has achieved a level of success that you aspire to, or has more experience than you, who takes you under their wing. Basically it’s someone who guides your and advices you in your entrepreneurial journey, or in any other journey for that matter. With regards to the details of a mentor-mentee relationship, it isn’t really something which can’t be explained, because every mentor-mentee relationship is different.

Different roles played by a mentor

A mentor could do different things for you depending on what it is you need, a mentor can be a sounding board, a facilitator, an advisor, a role model, a source of feedback, a motivator, someone to challenge you, and much more. 

For some people a mentor is someone who gives you the occasional useful tip. For others it’s a person who gives you support, knowledge and encouragement to help you achieve the career of your dreams. Whatever it is you’re looking for there are serious benefits in finding someone to help you short cut the learning process and fast track your career.

Here are 7 key reasons of a Start-Up to work with a mentor:

1. Shares his/her experiences:

A mentor is a person who has done what you are doing and have already achieved what you are trying to. That is the reason mentors can share their deep knowledge and also their experiences, which you as a start-up don’t have at the present moment. A mentor gives a lot of fresh and unconventional ideas on how a start-up can achieve their set goals in the minimum possible time.   

2. Helps you to realize your potential:

Although you know yourself really well, often your views about what you believe you can achieve and what you cannot do are limited. A mentor can help you to see your current strengths and weaknesses, particularly those which you don’t recognize yourself and offer advice on changes you can make, which will have a big impact.

3. Acts as a role model:

A mentor is an experienced person in his/her capacity. He/she has usually seen and been in the similar situations in which a start-up is and has dealt with those issues successfully. Such a mentor is an invaluable role model to the people associated with the start-up and can aspire to be like the mentor.

4. Expands horizon:

One of other benefit of a mentor is the help extended to a start-up and its founders to expand its perspectives. With the start-up founder’s ideas and of the mentor’s, the founders are able to stretch their thinking and gain knowledge in turn, which when put into practice gains valuable profits.

5. Introduce you to new contacts:

Another benefit of having a mentor is that he/she will introduce Start-up founders to other relevant people who can also support in the way. If your mentor knows a particular person well, then this is a person you can more easily trust, as opposed to finding such an individual yourself.

6. Encourages making progress:

Doing challenging activities alone can be intimidating. Although the Start-up finally need to take accountability for taking action to improve, a mentor can act as facilitator or springboard to give confidence to the Start-up to keep going in tough and troubled times.

7. Support:

When a Start-up starts working with a mentor, it has automatically gained a person who wants to see the Start-up succeed. He or she will be providing support and encouragement, cheering on the Start-up successes and providing productive and beneficial feedback at times, when outcomes worked out different to what the Start-up had initially expected.

We’d love to know if you’ve ever had a mentor and what you gained from them.