6 Tips For Greater Employee Motivation


Jan 10th, 2017

Motivating a team can be easier said than done and that’s where these tips come into play. They’re here to help you get people in the mood and get the most from them.

Be A Leadership Example

One of the ways to increase the motivation of your employees is to set a good example.  If the management of the company does not appear to be motivated then the employees will follow suit and lack motivation.  If you are in a leadership role it is important to consider what behaviors you want to see in your employees and how you can model these behaviors.  While it is not guaranteed that when you are motivated as a leader that your staff will be too, it is known that staff can become de-motivated quickly when their managers should a lack of motivation.

Always Share The Vision

There is little chance of your employees being motivated if they do not have a clear vision of what the company does or aims to do.  An article in Forbes magazine highlighted that having a clear defining vision for the company with a mission and strategy will help with motivation.  The article also states that you should get your employees involved in the creation of the elements which make up your company’s identity.  

An employee is more likely to feel motivated about the company if they know where they fit in the big picture.  Motivation is also increased when your employees are able to align their goals and values with that of the company.  Having staff engagement in the creation of the identity ensures that your values match your employees.

Have Appropriate Goals

Employees are often more motivated when they have specific goals that they can work toward.  Of course, it is important that you set the goals in an appropriate manner and that they always function as motivators and not seen as a form of punishment.  LeadersBeacon.com released an article which states that the goals set for employees should be clearly defined and achievable.  

If the goals you set are not realistically achievable then they will not help with motivation.  The goals should have a specific time period for completion and there should be milestones along the route.  The inclusion of milestones will ensure that your employees are recognized for success which will help them stay motivated and focused on the task. There is a lot that can be learned from Quanta in this post about motivation.

Have A Positive Work Environment

Employee motivation is severely impacted by the atmosphere of the company.  Managers are all urged to focus on creating a positive environment.  This can be achieved by being more approachable and by avoiding any perceived favoritism among the people being managed.  Being approachable is helped by having an open door policy and ensuring that all of your staff understands that they are welcome to come and talk should they have any questions or concerns. 

Have Feedback On Performance

It is important that your employees have feedback on how they are performing.  CallCentreHelp.com published an article which highlights that a simple call from a manager recognizing positive performance can increase the motivation of a member of staff greatly.  It is also recommended that feedback be provided with teams through other mediums like a bulletin board or a company newsletter.  Of course, you should not only recognize positive accomplishments, but providing constructive criticism and opportunities for improvement can also help in motivating your staff.

Express Appreciation

A lot of leaders make the mistake of thinking that employees know they are appreciated through the fact that they are still employed.  The Dale Carnegie blog has a post which encourages leaders and employers to tell their employees that they are important and that they are appreciated.  If an employee knows that they are appreciated in their role they are more likely to feel motivated and perform at a high level.

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