10 Most Irritating Questions For Entrepreneurs

Mayank Thanvi

Dec 25th, 2016

Please don’t ask me these 10 questions next time:

  1. What is your exit plan  – Can we please build it first ?
  2. Your business is tough – So is my bucket list.
  3. I will invest if you can give me example of similar company is west – We are soon expanding there
  4. In India people won’t buy this – Awesome, but you don’t represent 120 crore people, ok?
  5. This won’t scale, work on ‘this’ idea instead – Give ‘this’ idea to your kids
  6. This is your age to date girls or watch movies but not to build business – Pass on your daughter’s number, I will try to do that too
  7. What would be your salary if instead of running this business you would have been doing a Job - I would have been running some other business
  8. What would you do if this doesn’t work - We will go in Coma for sometime. We have spent our every second to see it fly
  9. I have worked with 10 startups but they all shut down. I need minimum this much salary to work – Something is wrong with you only but not with those 10 startups. Don’t work with any more startup now
  10. What will you do if Google/Reliance launch this – It validates my idea

Do you have questions to add up in the list? Then don’t forget to share in the comment box below.