Why women entrepreneurs is so important for Shopiya

Why women entrepreneurs is so important for Shopiya

Although times are changing, and the world is not anymore just ''a man's world'', there are still too many women who dream of financial freedom. For many of us, times are changing too slowly. We want to be our own boss and do what we love to do, when we want it. But for most of us, this dream got buried before we could even start. Endless tasks of juggling family demands and business, red tape, and let's face it, the hardest hurdle is the unexpected or expected dramas, due to the people close to us not wanting us to better ourselves. 

This is why Shopiya is so important for women entrepreneurs. Shopiya is the shortcut and hack that women have been looking for, to make more money for themselves with less effort. 

At Shopiya, they understand women because women are on the board too! 

They help you to make people your business. We help you present your products and make them accessible to the world. We help you building strategic and quality relationships with your clients. Regular interaction with your customers adds depth to your ongoing business relationship. Keep them updated about your latest trends and new launches. 

Your online business can have global visibility but is your message getting across to different cultures as you anticipate? Are you able to adapt quickly to global market opportunities you see pop up? Or would you like to know how to quickly cater different trends, different cultures and different audiences from time to time? 

Shopiya is the online store for the women entrepreneurs of today. With a little thought and some careful preparation you can have an effective online presence through us.

Shopiya works on Subscription.
Monthly Subscription of Rs 500 to Showcase Unlimited Products
Billed Semi Annually: Rs 3000
Billed Annually: Rs 5000

On Shopiya.com Sellers and Resellers make much more profit margin than they would make on other ecommerce platforms like amazon and flipkart.

About the Startup
Shopiya.com : an ecommerce platform where sellers and re-sellers, painters, authors and photographers. All across India can showcase and sell unlimited products.NO Selling Fee.NO Commission. It means more profit margins for the sellers than on any other platforms available today. Customers can directly interact with sellers. Online Payment and COD available. 

Website : www.shopiya.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/myshopiya
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlIuRK-NQcE

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