Shopkro, A Journey of Never Giving Up

Shopkro, A Journey of Never Giving Up
Thinking about how Shopkro started to this day, we can feel it's growth. We had a dream and we had the zeal to follow it, there were thousands who laughed at us, that at an age of 17, how do you think you can do it? Maybe those words played a bigger role than motivating words. We wanted to prove ourselves. We wanted to work for our community. We wanted to work for women entrepreneurship, we wanted to give work to those whom maybe noone can,  a housewife, who being a lovely wife, caring mother and an understanding daughter still is a liability on her family. It was the fight to make her an asset. And where such a strong word like WOMEN comes how can that startup fail. 

We remember the day when we explained our idea of Shopkro to an investor, and how he said you have the passion to do it, but working for the community won't let you earn so well. Breaking the prejudice of "Investment is the parent of startups", We worked on how are capabilities become the parent of it. We are about to launch our website on 24th may, and till date we being 18 years currently, have not taken a single penny from our parents or investors. Our skills became our money. 

Though, yes we knew money is always a need because our website designing took money. So we decided that we would start our journey by selling to these housewives, who now work as RESELLERS through whatsapp and other social networking. Within maybe a month, we started working with around 100+ women, that gave us a hope that looking back is not an option. The zeal to touch zenith maybe gave us the will power to never giveup. We knew these liabilities are our assets. We proved it.

Shopkro's IDEA-

Shopkro is a marketplace, where different sellers would sell their items to RESELLERS/DROPSHIPPERS, as well as to customers. This is the first time such an idea is bought into India where money will not drive money. Which means such resellers/dropshippers, won't earn by investing their whole life savings. We have this special feature where a dropshipper/reseller just needs to fill up a form, which will be checked by our team, and all the authentic resellers would be provided a special login id and password, through which they can avail special dropship prices. 

Also, this will also cut down there most of the other cost which includes shipping cost as the items will not be first shipped to the reseller but rather directly be shipped to the reseller's customer.

This will not only cut down cost, but also will make the entire process easier for them. 

Shopkro not only has 100+ resellers but also 1000+ products and 40+ vendors whose products are to be listed from 24th May. These may seem to be really small figures, but surely for a website yet to be launched, they are really huge, as yet noone has seen the idea happening practically. 

We have strong hopes that maybe we KIDS can follow our dreams an are able to fulfil them with flying colors.

And yes surely, TO BE CONTINUED...

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