Making every celebration & occasion special - Customized Chocolate Cakes

Making every celebration & occasion special - Customized Chocolate Cakes

Do you like to smile. Do you like others smiling. Do you like others smiling because of you.

If your answer is yes..  then you are going to read an inspiring startup story of owner of Bakery and Confectionery. Cakes!! The heartbeat of all celebrations without which any celebration is dead. With the growing trend of cutting cakes may it be any occasion birthdays, anniversaries, engagement, marriage, new recruits to send off, cakes are becoming a part of every celebration.

Passionate about cooking different culinary and giving it his own twist is what he loved.

Baking section has always fascinated me especially cakes which has scope of creativity to show off one's talent.

Says Dipen Nagda.

After spending more than a decade in advertising it was time to venture into his own dream business of Cakes and Confectionery. The burning desire and determination to give something different was always on top of his mind.

Bridging the Gap

After a thorough market study, it was noticed that though there were many cake shops in Mumbai, nobody was giving unique flavors. There was again a big gap when it came to customization, there were preset design which customer had to choose from. "Guys i need customization according to my occasion something unique which can create wow-factor" is the need of the hour. With the trend of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries at mid night hardly 3-4 cake shops offer midnight delivery across Mumbai. 

Keeping the above gaps in mind 5th December Chocolatier and Patissier became one of it's kind to provide round the clock deliveries with it's unique flavors and designs.

Challenges Faced

Every entrepreneur has his own taste of sweet and salt when it came to business. "The decision to start this venture was very instantaneous without any prior preparation. I was not paid for last nine months on job and had lost all my savings in running the home expenses. Drawing 6 figure salary and jumping into totally new venture without training about making the cakes professionally was risk but the determination and fire to do something new and different pushed me to start it. I have learnt the art of making cakes from books and YouTube channel. There was considerable resistance from family and friends but i still continued with the decision." 

Specialization is the need of the hour and 5th December specializes only in  100% Veg, Wheat Flour Chocolate cakes.

"Chocolate is very versatile but the taste cannot combine with every fruits and nuts. I had to be very careful while preparing recipes of cakes. Lots of help has come from industry suppliers, YouTube, cookery shows and books" says Dipen Nagda

Apart from manufacturing looking for customers was again a challenge that's when Just Dial happened and business started flourishing. With the model of "Only Delivery Services" was catching up and in no time was accepted. Customers started ordering for cakes without even looking for decorations. Well appreciated for their services and cakes they enjoy the rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Just Dial.

"Apart from Just Dial, Groupon also gave us much needed eyeballs" says Dipen Nagda

How does the "Delivery Model" work ?

"It's very simple, we have taken optimum use of  technology such as whats-app, snap-chat etc. After 1st time telephony conversation, we send small form for address, date of delivery, time of delivery etc which customer promptly fills it and sends back and we do the delivery mentioned accordingly." Says Dipen Nagda.

Now their regular customers just ping them and order. "Its so convenient for us to place the order with 5th December on chat or through their App, we just do it on-the-go and they delivery the cake on the venue, even i am very sure about their taste that i don't find any other cake suitable for my taste buds " Says Pooja Vaswani - who's been their customer since inception

It's interesting to know that 5th December Chocolatier and Patissier are the 1st and only brand to have their own App in this industry.

Click to download 5th December Chocolatier and Patissier App

Personalised or Customised cakes

Its the in-thing right now, with many customers looking for personalized or theme cakes to match their event. "I am fascinated by science and technology and at 5th December Chocolatier and Patissier we try to incorporate technology and science on designing our cakes. Decorating with LED lights, smoke effect, fire effect on cake etc are somethings which we do. We don't like to repeat our designs and try to give something more in every project we acquire." Says Dipen Nagda

Since i was into advertising i can understand client's brief/requirement very easily and design an unique cake for them." Says Dipen Nagda

3D cricket stadium with flood lights

Castle with lights to give realistic effect

Growth and Expansion

Started as home-baker with mere investment of Rs.2000, 5th December has come a long way  with a small bakery setup and 4 delivery points across mumbai. They are 1st brand in this category to have their own App on GooglePlay from where their customers can order directly. The App works on offline mode and order can be placed on-the-go even if you are not connected. 

They are in process of expanding themselves by venturing into retail shops with their muffins and bar cakes with brand name "2 Good". Even these are unique with no competition currently in the market. Priced at Rs. 10.00 and Rs.12.00 their muffins are worth beyond the price.

2 Good Muffins with Strawberry Fill

Planning to have similar kind of model in small cities like Baroda and Hubli.

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