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A startup is an entity that is headquartered in India which was opened less than five years ago and has an annual turnover less than 25 crore


Startup Basics

A startup is an entity that is headquartered in India which...



Entrepreneurship is the act of identifying opportunities and...

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Job Vs Startup Dilemma

Quitting a job and starting an own venture is a big step. Be...

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Business & Marketing Lessons

Here's what we can learn from the most powerful leaders, mov...


Learning's to take from Movies

Here's what we can learn from the movies.


Leadership & Startup Lessons f...

Here's what we can learn from the successful leaders


Successful Vs Failed Startup's

Everything was all set in my mind but the execution went wro...

From Idea to Startup

Everyone has some creative and innovative business ideas but a very few of them are able to implement them into a well-established business

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Good Business Idea

Generation of a unique idea is considered as the first step...

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Idea Validation

The validation of idea is an essential step to ensure the su...


Protect Business Idea

Before you turn your idea into a product or service, you sho...

Starting a Business

If you're thinking of starting a business, this step-by-step guide will walk you through all you need to know.

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Business Plan

Business Plan is a reflection of your entrepreneur goals tha...


Business Plan Templates

Choose from a variety of ready to use templates for a quick...


Strategic Planning

We always wonder how a business become successful? An overni...


Business Registrations

If you are gonna start your business, you need a company. Fi...