Honest Tips from the Entrepreneur Desk

Honest Tips from the Entrepreneur Desk

Entrepreneurs are often speaking about success stories or people ask them what they learnt from failure. They keep answering the questions related to people management, risky decisions, innovative ideas and money flow.

But here you will know the honest tips from entrepreneur which you tell you the ground reality about running the start-up. So, let’s begin to know the simple secret of how to run a start-up  

People are lazy

When you think about a new idea for your start-up, keep in mind that people are lazy. It is a harsh statement but it is true. Why do you think we have a remote control for a TV? Because people are just too lazy to get up and change the channel of TV. All the products available in the market claims to provide the comfort. So, begin your start-up with an idea which will provide comfort to the lazy people around us. This is the key that your product or service will become popular.

Customers are impatient

Once customer will pay for the product or service they become impatient. They want everything just perfect. One little fault in your product and you lost the battle. So, when you launch the product or services make sure it reaches on time and in a perfect way to the customer. 

Shit happens

It is true, shit happens all the time. The moment you think everything is going, immediately shit stuff will happen. It is parts of start-up journey so don’t worry about it. Be habituated about the ‘unexpected conditions’. Try to handle things smoothly in such situations.  

We’re Human beings, not GOD

While workings on your start-up always remember you are a human being. Eat food at a regular time and get some sleep to retain the energy. You should work passionately but don’t keep your health on a stake. Don’t ignore your family as human’s need social support to sustain. 

Don’t be a jerk

Yes! You might be a coding genius or hub of innovation. But at the same time, you can be humble and down to earth. Don’t be a jerk while you work on your start-up. The people around you will leave you soon if you keep treating them wrongly. Do good to people and best will come to your way.

So, these are the honest tips which you can follow to run a successful start-up. Share your views on how one can become a successful entrepreneur. 

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