Google Adsense - Quick DIY tips to make money online

Google Adsense - Quick DIY tips to make money online

When you already, embedded Adsense to your blog or website, this is the time to start making money. Adsense is considered to be directly proportional to money for your blogging. However, in most cases, this does not work out accurately for Adsense advertisements. There are many reasons that affect your Adsense income.

What is Adsense CPC

CPC or cost per click is the amount that cost you as per the individual click. CPC is not affected by traffic but is directly concerned with the clicks received on an Advertisement. CPC is more beneficial as compared to CTR if optimized carefully. However, it also depends on your niche and domain; obviously, the most interesting topics are more likely to be clicked. There are many factors to improve on your blog or web page, to receive effective click on the Ads. 

Quick tips to increase Adsense CPC

Whether you are planning to start a new Adsense or improve the existing, make sure to work on these following factors:


  • As discussed earlier, Niche and domain play a vital role in user searches
  • Content must be on recent and innovative topics; most of them must satisfy the users query. 
  • Using Block Ads, offer you to check the most payable categories that you can add on your blog
  • The Ad format and size of the Ad space needs to be attractive and eye-catching


Whether it is a country, a city or a specific geographic target, you must study the traffic before launching the Adsense offer. The Ad must match the location that your Blog is targeting.


Your blog must be compatible with all the platforms, whether viewed on a desktop, mobiles or tablets. 


Placement of the Ads on any web page directly affects the revenue. It is wise to place the at least two Ads within the text area of a blog post, while the other Ad can be placed outside the post. 

Moreover, you need to keep experimenting on the ways to optimize your Adsense share. Like switching the placements, changing location etc. 

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