Do you Really Want to Be An Entrepreneur?

Do you Really Want to Be An Entrepreneur?

Trends in the market always guide our life. Especially in India the career of your child is decided based on what your neighbor's kid is doing. It is quite funny as well as ruthless but it is true. It is very common in India that we people are competitive and we tend to follow the things which are in fame. 

Around 10-15 years back India had only 2 main career options either you can be a doctor or an engineer. And believe or not India has produced many successful engineers and doctors. But how many of them were self-made a choice is a question which we need to think on. A similar wave of MBA hit us in past 5-6 years. And now we have a lot of masters in management among us.

On a similar ground, entrepreneurship is trending now! It is a need of an hour that India needs more business people to make the nation grow. But do you really want to be an entrepreneur? You need to find out. 

Just check out the following qualities within you and you will get the answers

Ø  Are you afraid of risks?

Ø  Are you creative enough to get an original workable idea?

Ø  Are you self-motivator or need an external push to work?

Ø  Do you carry your work tensions at home?

Ø  Are you a quick decision maker?

Ø  Do you want security and stability in your life?

Ø  Are you good with people and comfortable interacting with the unknown crowd?

These entire questions are important to be verified. A person who is happy to work during office hours and don’t want to stretch the workload will not be fit in entrepreneurship culture. A person seeking for stability and security will not be interested in taking a risk.

There is a lot of difference in creative and have an original workable idea. And yes self-motivation is a must quality for an entrepreneur. If you can’t work on your own then working on your own project is not your cup of tea. 

So, ultimately the valid question is should we just follow the trend in the market or should we follow our dream. The passion and dream should definitely win over the trend. 

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