9 Things which Successful Start-up Founders Do Differently

9 Things which Successful Start-up Founders Do Differently

It is well said that successful people do the same things but differently. It is all about your approach towards a particular situation. It is about the attitude of ‘half glass is full’ during failure phase.

Here are the 9 things which successful start-up founders do differently-

1. State of the economy- just forget about it- It is important that gloom and doom should not get you down. If you have a truly useful product you will get buyers for it

2. Provide something new- The replica of existing product or services might not work. Offer something new to people, this is key to success.

3. Stop just predicting- Do exact survey to back your instinct. Stop guessing about your customers and performance of your company. A data-based analysis will clear the path you should follow.

4. Get a grip on technology- In this modern world, technology is the only thing which will help you to be innovative. It will also help you reach your potential customers and speed up the things

5. Prepare your list- Be ready with the list of customers you are going to approach. Collect the contacts of your future customers in advance. You can use the odd method of collecting personal contacts or use sign up system on your Website.

6. Provide value for money- Focus on providing value for money. This helps you to sell your product and also retain the customers for a long term.

7. Mixed media marketing- Make a marketing strategy for your company. Don’t be just depend on one channel of marketing. You can use variety of it like send letters and gifts, postcards, write a weekly e-newsletter, write a blog, post articles, host monthly tele seminars,audios and video online, go to live networking events.

8. Keep learning- You should keep learning what is new in your field. Content up gradation of the product and services will help to keep going in constantly changing a market.

9. Outsource and delegate work- Stop taking responsibility for everything on your shoulder. Delegate the work to your employees or you can outsource some of the work. Make sure you just monitor the business process and not doing each step by yourself.

This 9 points will definitely make a difference in the way you run the start-up. Make these simple changes and welcome success in your life.

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